1712236153Icon of "Splicer Servitor"Splicer ServitorDedicated Servitor of the House of Light. Manages communications and Gauntlet refinement.
IconThe Last City
3647905825Icon of "Holoprojector"Holoprojector
399229133Icon of "Splicer Gauntlet Upgrades"Splicer Gauntlet UpgradesDeepen your focus and learn new techniques for your Splicer Gauntlet.
IconThe Last City
350061650Icon of "Ada-1"Ada-1Advanced Prototype Exo and warden of the Black Armory.
IconThe Last City
1521939433Icon of "Loom"LoomA matter programming engine, designed by Ada-1 using Golden Age schematics. Used to create Synthweave for Armor Synthesis.
2881385768Icon of "Season of the Splicer"Season of the SplicerA collection of focusing options from Season of the Splicer; unlocked by discovering Prismatic Lenses.
IconThe Last City
3918907082Icon of "Splicer Gear"Splicer GearAn engram containing armor and weapons from Season of the Splicer.
2563644147Icon of "Splicer Regalia"Splicer RegaliaAn engram containing Season of the Splicer armor.
3461906546Icon of "Splicer Discipline"Splicer DisciplineAn engram containing Season of the Splicer armor with a high Discipline roll.
170651708Icon of "Splicer Intellect"Splicer IntellectAn engram containing Season of the Splicer armor with a high Intellect roll.
2152062199Icon of "Splicer Mobility"Splicer MobilityAn engram containing Season of the Splicer armor with a high Mobility roll.
3710100373Icon of "Splicer Recovery"Splicer RecoveryAn engram containing Season of the Splicer armor with a high Recovery roll.
1474239391Icon of "Splicer Resilience"Splicer ResilienceAn engram containing Season of the Splicer armor with a high Resilience roll.
375439315Icon of "Splicer Strength"Splicer StrengthAn engram containing Season of the Splicer armor with a high Strength roll.
222120865Icon of "Splicer Armory"Splicer ArmoryAn engram containing Season of the Splicer weapons.
222120864Icon of "Splicer Captain's Armory"Splicer Captain's ArmoryAn engram containing Chroma Rush and Ignition Code from Season of the Splicer.
222120867Icon of "Splicer Vandal's Armory"Splicer Vandal's ArmoryAn engram containing Gridskipper and Farewell from Season of the Splicer.
222120866Icon of "Splicer Kell's Armory"Splicer Kell's ArmoryAn engram containing Shattered Cipher and Sojourner's Tale from Season of the Splicer.
1441548942Icon of "Blades"BladesAn engram containing Swords.
140920275Icon of "FWC Armory"FWC ArmoryAn engram containing Future War Cult weapons.
140920274Icon of "FWC Favored Arms"FWC Favored ArmsAn engram containing The Number, Memory Interdict, and Pleiades Corrector.
140920273Icon of "FWC Close Range"FWC Close RangeAn engram containing Stochastic Variable, The Vision, and The Deicide.
2817513915Icon of "Sol System Archive"Sol System ArchiveAn engram containing Legendary weapons that can be found around the system.
2817513914Icon of "Longshot"LongshotAn engram containing Eternal Blazon and Tarantula.
2817513913Icon of "Shock Trooper"Shock TrooperAn engram containing Cartesian Coordinate and Retrofuturist.
1414296538Cache of KabrAtheon has been destroyed. Thanks to you, Kabr's spirit lives on, and his spoils are yours to takeā€¦ for a price.
955132209Icon of "Season of the Splicer Starter Pack"Season of the Splicer Starter PackA one-time bundle to kick off Season of the Splicer. Contains 3 exclusive accessories and 3 Synthwave Templates for Armor Synthesis.
664636061Icon of "Couturier Hunter Bundle"Couturier Hunter BundleContains a full set of Couturier Hunter universal ornaments. Bundle price will be reduced for each item already owned.
81485105Icon of "Couturier Titan Bundle"Couturier Titan BundleContains a full set of Couturier Titan universal ornaments. Bundle price will be reduced for each item already owned.
1843077728Icon of "Couturier Warlock Bundle"Couturier Warlock BundleContains a full set of Couturier Warlock universal ornaments. Bundle price will be reduced for each item already owned.
497013049Icon of "Season of the Splicer Projections Bundle"Season of the Splicer Projections BundleContains 3 Season of the Splicer Ghost projections. Bundle price will be reduced for each item already owned.
4033567948Icon of "Victory Over The Vault Bundle"Victory Over The Vault BundleContains 5 Synthweave Templates and 2 Vault of Glass shaders.
2983128512Icon of "Year 1 Shader Bundle"Year 1 Shader BundleContains a full set of Destiny 2 Year 1 Eververse shaders.
2362741526Icon of "Year 2 Shader Bundle"Year 2 Shader BundleContains a full set of Destiny 2 Year 2 Eververse shaders. Bundle price will be reduced for each item already owned.
376400743Icon of "Armor Synthesis Vendor"Armor Synthesis Vendor
3135401183Icon of "5 Synthweave Templates"5 Synthweave TemplatesA bundle of 5 Synthweave Templates.
3135401182Icon of "10 Synthweave Templates"10 Synthweave TemplatesA bundle of 10 Synthweave Templates.
3135401181Icon of "15 Synthweave Templates"15 Synthweave TemplatesA bundle of 15 Synthweave Templates.
4154219989Icon of "Classified"ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.
888753657Icon of "Classified"ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.
937464272Icon of "Classified"ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.
2580727437Icon of "Classified"ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.


HashIconNameProperties changedLink
1968811824Icon of "Eververse Engram"Eververse Engram74View diff
919809084Icon of "Eva Levante"Eva Levante3121View diff
396892126Icon of "Devrim Kay"Devrim Kay17View diff
3347378076Icon of "Suraya Hawthorne"Suraya Hawthorne285View diff
1576276905Icon of "Failsafe"Failsafe46View diff
69482069Icon of "Commander Zavala"Commander Zavala969View diff
1976548992Icon of "Ikora Rey"Ikora Rey60View diff
3603221665Icon of "Lord Shaxx"Lord Shaxx412View diff
2255782930Icon of "Master Rahool"Master Rahool1330View diff
672118013Icon of "Banshee-44"Banshee-442199View diff
895295461Icon of "Lord Saladin"Lord Saladin31View diff
460529231Icon of "Amanda Holliday"Amanda Holliday844View diff
1037843411Icon of "Vault"Vault13View diff
1368565477Icon of "Crucible Engram"Crucible Engram3View diff
3578462974Icon of "Vanguard Tactician Engram"Vanguard Tactician Engram3View diff
2043215681Icon of "EDZ Engram"EDZ Engram6View diff
468122550Icon of "Nessus Engram"Nessus Engram21View diff
3531414277Gunsmith Engram12View diff
2484791497Icon of "Luminous Engram"Luminous Engram15View diff
3015879649Icon of "Shaders"Shaders60View diff
2271249247Icon of "Silver Starter Pack"Silver Starter Pack4View diff
2271249245Icon of "Golden Sevens Bundle"Golden Sevens Bundle4View diff
3496337357Icon of "Trials Engram"Trials Engram8View diff
463945442Icon of "Crucible Engram"Crucible Engram5View diff
717228034Gunsmith Engram12View diff
10653108Icon of "Lighthouse Engram"Lighthouse Engram9View diff
390948629Icon of "Nessus Engram"Nessus Engram21View diff
3829523414Icon of "Luminous Engram"Luminous Engram15View diff
793651913Icon of "Vanguard Tactician Engram"Vanguard Tactician Engram5View diff
1276327882Icon of "Illuminated Engram"Illuminated Engram8View diff
3327522754Icon of "Shaders"Shaders112View diff
1601631622Icon of "Shaders and Mods"Shaders and Mods40View diff
1967277184Icon of "Winter Shaders"Winter Shaders40View diff
3373123597Icon of "Crimson Engram"Crimson Engram16View diff
3269028741Icon of "Shaders and Mods"Shaders and Mods32View diff
1899155105Icon of "Inseparable Shaders Pack"Inseparable Shaders Pack32View diff
3539260226Icon of "Limitless Starter Pack"Limitless Starter Pack4View diff
3539260227Icon of "Star of Dark Nights Bundle"Star of Dark Nights Bundle16View diff
3539260230Icon of "Rolling Start Bundle"Rolling Start Bundle4View diff
3539260231Icon of "Solid Gold Bundle"Solid Gold Bundle4View diff
1170720694Icon of "Dawning Engram"Dawning Engram16View diff
2155163551Icon of "Crucible Engram"Crucible Engram7View diff
44213067Icon of "Crucible Engram"Crucible Engram7View diff
1045341587Icon of "EDZ Engram"EDZ Engram6View diff
2189764947Icon of "Gunsmith Engram"Gunsmith Engram12View diff
3531644535Icon of "Lighthouse Engram"Lighthouse Engram9View diff
281325420Icon of "Nessus Engram"Nessus Engram21View diff
2962326310Icon of "Cradle Engram"Cradle Engram6View diff
3995042496Icon of "Imperial Engram"Imperial Engram7View diff
2558839803Icon of "Luminous Engram"Luminous Engram15View diff
2123410592Icon of "Vanguard Tactician Engram"Vanguard Tactician Engram7View diff
3984490722Icon of "Vanguard Tactician Engram"Vanguard Tactician Engram7View diff
3565864927Icon of "Prototype Engram"Prototype Engram8View diff
3781063087Icon of "Shaders"Shaders140View diff
2853812547Icon of "Trials Clan Engram"Trials Clan Engram7View diff
3002413497Icon of "Discovery Bundle"Discovery Bundle3View diff
3002413499Icon of "Deep Freeze Bundle"Deep Freeze Bundle3View diff
3002413498Icon of "BrayTech Bundle"BrayTech Bundle4View diff
3002413489Icon of "Inevitable Exodus Bundle"Inevitable Exodus Bundle4View diff
3002413488Icon of "War in All Times Bundle"War in All Times Bundle4View diff
1878869144Icon of "Sovereign's Grace Bundle"Sovereign's Grace Bundle4View diff
821844118Icon of "Solstice Engram"Solstice Engram8View diff
1090954429Icon of "Shaders and Transmat Effects"Shaders and Transmat Effects28View diff
204822128Icon of "Celebration Vehicle Bundle"Celebration Vehicle Bundle3View diff
1841717884Icon of "Petra Venj"Petra Venj28View diff
1454616762Icon of "Petra Venj"Petra Venj28View diff
863940356Icon of "Spider"Spider53View diff
248695599Icon of "The Drifter"The Drifter296View diff
2378129814Icon of "Steadfast Engram"Steadfast Engram8View diff
3696830566Icon of "Shaders"Shaders192View diff
329984368Icon of "Road to Redemption Bundle"Road to Redemption Bundle4View diff
329984370Icon of "Cerebral Bundle"Cerebral Bundle4View diff
329984371Icon of "Vanguard Dare Bundle"Vanguard Dare Bundle4View diff
329984372Icon of "Conductive Bundle"Conductive Bundle4View diff
329984373Icon of "Awakened Bundle"Awakened Bundle4View diff
1194032238Icon of "Unary Accolade Bundle"Unary Accolade Bundle18View diff
1194032239Icon of "Ternary Accolade Bundle"Ternary Accolade Bundle24View diff
1194032236Icon of "Quinary Accolade Bundle"Quinary Accolade Bundle24View diff
1016620613Icon of "Vanguard Tactician Engram"Vanguard Tactician Engram10View diff
1577523448Icon of "The Traveler, Alive"The Traveler, Alive4View diff
250070436Icon of "The Traveler, Alive"The Traveler, Alive4View diff
3956099989Icon of "The Traveler, Alive"The Traveler, Alive4View diff
1012917217Icon of "The Infinite, Saved"The Infinite, Saved4View diff
2985187070Icon of "The Warmind, Resurgent"The Warmind, Resurgent4View diff
616545409Icon of "The Hunter, Avenged"The Hunter, Avenged4View diff
393325292Icon of "Ephemeral Bundle"Ephemeral Bundle3View diff
3260691474Icon of "A Single Flame Bundle"A Single Flame Bundle18View diff
3260691475Icon of "Three Candles Bundle"Three Candles Bundle24View diff
3260691472Icon of "Five Glow Bright Bundle"Five Glow Bright Bundle24View diff
1451959506Icon of "Ephemeral Engram"Ephemeral Engram8View diff
3842332961Icon of "Shaders and Mods"Shaders and Mods40View diff
3845731526Icon of "Spooky Shaders Pack"Spooky Shaders Pack40View diff
1579897984Icon of "Curator's Bundle"Curator's Bundle4View diff
1579897989Icon of "Forges Burn Bright Bundle"Forges Burn Bright Bundle4View diff
3694103467Icon of "Dawning's Delight Bundle"Dawning's Delight Bundle4View diff
2522587563Icon of "Once Etched Bundle"Once Etched Bundle18View diff
2522587562Icon of "Thrice Etched Bundle"Thrice Etched Bundle24View diff
2522587561Icon of "Five Etchings Bundle"Five Etchings Bundle24View diff
2371013927Icon of "First Snowflake Bundle"First Snowflake Bundle18View diff
2371013926Icon of "Wizened Three Bundle"Wizened Three Bundle24View diff

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