1983115403Data ProcessedEarn Decrypted Data to increase your Reputation Rank with the Splicer Servitor.
418303893Focuses AvailableTier III Focuses remaining. Resets each week.
2083746873Valor Rank"A Guardian's best tool in combat is their Valor. Your light must be sharp if it is to cut through our enemies." —Lord Shaxx A progression rank that goes up as you complete matches. Winning helps you move up faster, and there are no loss penalties.
1647151960Glory Rank"Only those who forge their light in the fires of the Crucible can obtain true Glory. The opportunity is yours Guardian, take it." —Lord Shaxx A progression rank that goes up when you win and down when you lose. Performance is how you move up here. Compl…
3008065600Infamy Rank"I don't care if you win or lose. I just want you to get paid. Heh." —The Drifter Win Gambit matches to gain Infamy. Multiple wins in a row help you rank up faster.


2679551909Glory Rank
3882308435Valor Rank
2626549951Valor Rank
2000925172Glory Rank
2772425241Infamy Rank

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