2402926498Lure UpgradesEnhances the capability of the cryptolith Lure.
3848483489Lure ModsUse Prey mods and Trophy mods to customize your hunt.
457473665SUPERSuper ability that slots into your character's build.
309722977ABILITIESAbilities that slot into your character's build.
2140934067ASPECTSAbilities that grow your build and provide Fragment slots.
1313488945FRAGMENTSPerks that modify your character's abilities and fill slots provided by Aspects.
446880883GHOST TIERThe energy tier of a Ghost shell determines which Ghost mods you can attach to it. Upgrade its tier to increase its capacity for more expensive Ghost mods.
3886482628GHOST MODSAttach a mod to a Ghost shell to improve it.
2549160099Ghost CosmeticsAttach a cosmetic to a Ghost to customize its appearance.


524367450Good MoodsBenefits conferred by drinking Reveler's Tonic. Caution: Benefits can be swapped freely by consuming another Tonic, but cannot be stacked.
2243674402Synth ComponentsCombine Synths found in Gambit Prime to create Motes.
2918845596RecyclablesDismantle a Mote back into its component parts.
3053273275Redux Mission ModifiersOptions to change the behavior of the redux missions during Solstice of Heroes.
3058760860Locational DataYour Ghost believes that the transponder requires locational data.