3547475498Icon of "Strike"StrikeJoin a fireteam of three and face the most feared minions of the Darkness.
4088006058Icon of "The Crucible"The Crucible
1365291283Icon of "The Crucible"The Crucible
248695599Icon of "Gambit"GambitDefeat the enemies of humanity, collect their Motes, and bank them to summon a Primeval. First team to destroy their Primeval wins.
146907730Icon of "Private Match"Private MatchCreate a custom Gambit match with your fireteam. Bang knuckles with your crew for personal glory and bragging rights.
494260690Icon of "Empire Hunt"Empire Hunt
103143560Icon of "Nightfall"NightfallThe Darkness grows stronger. Form a fireteam of three and face our enemies with new challenges.


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