707502104Navôta's AbandonIncoming Arc and environmental damage increased.
3660714212Memory of a Golden AgeIncoming Solar and environmental damage increased.
643494161Desolate Charge+50% Arc damage dealt and received.
104057521Forlorn Miasma+50% Void damage dealt and received.
2188002475Belmon's AlgorithmIncoming Void and aerial damage increased.
2843965578Red RoverA challenge awaits…
2550390038Copies of CopiesA challenge awaits…
858683099Of All TradesA challenge awaits…
2571073458The Core FourA challenge awaits…
468117599Memory of a Frozen ConundrumIncoming Arc and aerial damage increased.
268022564Isolated Flames+50% Solar damage dealt and received.
252093708Memory of a Lonely OutpostIncoming Void and environmental damage increased.
555720572Voltaic VoidIncoming Void and Arc damage increased.
488798257Radiant ShoveIncoming Solar and Knockback damage increased.
3049813178Voltaic RadianceIncoming Arc and Solar damage increased.
1116420155Voltaic ShoveIncoming Arc and Knockback damage increased.
644078431Stasis SingeStasis damage increases slightly from all sources.


3949396046Blighted Hunger
3293584028Suppressed Light
2809233407Searing Arc Light
1926406960Searing Solar Light
488608609Searing Void Light
1845517209Challenge Card
968364204From the Shadows
817156042Justice from Above
2717912617Risk and Reward
2596461484Elite Soldier
3341791610Kinetic: Auto Rifle
3238983931Kinetic: Combat Bow
4088138799Kinetic: Grenade Launcher
3133663077Kinetic: Hand Cannon
360843197Kinetic: Linear Fusion Rifle
2167371022Kinetic: Pulse Rifle
1504172317Kinetic: Scout Rifle
2648484744Kinetic: Shotgun
144877461Kinetic: Sidearm
1813298842Kinetic: Sniper Rifle
3627615521Kinetic: Submachine Gun
2764323137Energy: Auto Rifle
4095649212Energy: Combat Bow
1508376804Energy: Grenade Launcher
661163276Energy: Hand Cannon
1464156830Energy: Fusion Rifle
860163615Energy: Pulse Rifle
1072516936Energy: Scout Rifle
612606861Energy: Shotgun
2412993908Energy: Sidearm
3887384581Energy: Sniper Rifle
3769882112Energy: Submachine Gun
878403351Energy: Trace Rifle
2495533874Power: Fusion Rifle
1237882872Power: Grenade Launcher
94337760Power: Linear Fusion Rifle
1973973371Power: Machine Gun
2051482462Power: Rocket Launcher
3956700641Power: Shotgun
4240194601Power: Sniper Rifle
1530092742Power: Sword
2863316929The Gauntlet Challenge
3296085675The Royal Pools Challenge
871205855The Pleasure Gardens Challenge
2770077977Throne Challenge
4040544238Lion's Courage
3740050516Gold Rush
2876104593Unbreakable Light
3970754350The Rat's Lament
938003265SUROS Victory
864972840Harsh Elements
2579871094Savathûn's Dirge
2280420638Genesis Algorithm
3613280362Root Algorithm
479369229Nokris's Refrain
2006323875Thuun's Stratagem
298501370Baurisk's Breach
3109821861Tazaroc's Clepsydra
1519693894Niruul's Clepsydra
291589344Ozletc's Clepsydra
2481935902Inotam's Clepsydra


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