2531198101Eliksni RebelThe formerly two-faced Fallen now serves as a faithful guide on Europa for Guardians and Light-bound Eliksni alike.
3307474199Spoils of the Morning StarThe Morning Star has crashed and the spoils amongst the wreckage are now yours to take… for a price.
4254652401A Link to the FutureBurdened with the knowledge one can only gain from time travel, the Stranger is here to divert us from an inescapable dark future.
1816541247Vanguard OperativeA skilled Hunter, Shaw leads fireteams on dangerous missions throughout the solar system.
3611983588Spider's Crime SyndicateA Fallen criminal enterprise based on the Tangled Shore and led by the Spider.
3820772794Quest ArchiveKiosk to acquire old or abandoned quests.
1614177448MemorialBuilt in honor of those who sacrificed their Light to defend humanity. Created in collaboration with Cryptarchs to help Guardians manage armaments.


3398051042Dead Orbit
828982195Fragmented Researcher
1714509342Future War Cult
4196149087Field Commander
2105209711New Monarchy
2926632835Vanguard Scout
280958837Statue of Heroes
702911552Umbral Research
1772285985Umbral Research


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