1729879943Icon of "Castalia Macula, Europa"Castalia Macula, EuropaA frozen moon of Jupiter where shadowed secrets lie, half-buried in the snow.
3655393761Icon of "Titan, Moon of Saturn"Titan, Moon of SaturnA moon of Saturn once settled by humanity in its Golden Age.
3607432451Icon of "Nessus"NessusAn unstable Centaur planetoid.
763066127Icon of "Io"IoA moon of Jupiter, and the last place the Traveler touched before the Collapse.
2112637710Icon of "Unknown Space"Unknown SpaceThe Nine have sent an Emissary to test Guardians.
1779838473Icon of "The Almighty"The AlmightyDominus Ghaul's superweapon. A vessel capable of destroying stars.
3862550981Icon of "Nessus Orbit"Nessus OrbitThe Emperor's Flagship
3129078390Icon of "Strike Playlist"Strike PlaylistJoin a fireteam of three and face the most feared minions of the Darkness.
2527054255Icon of "Mars"MarsHellas Basin
1416096592Icon of "The Dreaming City"The Dreaming CityA long-hidden stronghold sacred to the Awoken of the Reef.
251989860Icon of "Prison of Elders"Prison of EldersAn infamous orbiting fortress where the Reef keeps its most dangerous enemies.
3821439926Icon of "The Tangled Shore"The Tangled ShoreA patchwork wasteland on the edge of the Reef, in the Asteroid Belt.
248695599Icon of "Gambit"GambitHunt hostiles in active warzones. Reckon with greater powers. Be notorious.
1471216408Icon of "European Aerial Zone"European Aerial ZoneA ceremonial combat theater designed for training and meditation.
677774031Icon of "The Moon"The Moon