2246571627Powerful Legacy Gear
163842160Ruinous Element
163842161Adroit Element
163842162Mutable Element
163842163Energetic Element
3077242389Drowned Element
2215515944Ruinous Element
2215515945Adroit Element
2215515946Mutable Element
2215515947Energetic Element
4128756125Drowned Element
231264149Additional Bounties
4074177308Solstice Helm (Renewed)
1838096576Solstice Mask (Renewed)
534988157Solstice Hood (Renewed)
3035108872Solstice T-Shirt
2852041402Rare Armor Accelerator I
2852041403Rare Armor Accelerator II
4008440141Legendary Armor Accelerator I
4008440140Legendary Armor Accelerator II
3888501390Solstice Packages: Compass Rose
3888501389Solstice Packages: Tier II
312582914Solstice Packages: Superior Tier II
1605352950Solstice Key Fragment
1171973426Solstice Package
3921998739Solstice Key Fragment Magnet
4165832436Pyrrhic Ascent Grasps
1271787020Pyrrhic Ascent Vest
3504511297Pyrrhic Ascent Cloak
3426732325Pyrrhic Ascent Mask
158603774Pyrrhic Ascent Strides
3015112408Pyrrhic Ascent Gauntlets
3268778736Pyrrhic Ascent Plate
2154357293Pyrrhic Ascent Mark
2177192897Pyrrhic Ascent Helm
1050276882Pyrrhic Ascent Greaves
1672223469Pyrrhic Ascent Gloves
3231401619Pyrrhic Ascent Vestment
1566317770Pyrrhic Ascent Bond
2841395028Pyrrhic Ascent Hood
1918565039Pyrrhic Ascent Boots
1788702628The Treasure Hunt
1268804685Key to Power
832733718Key to Power
3242830151Make 'Em Hertz
3242830148Gold and Joules
3242830149Shocking Skill
3242830146Lightning Strikes Once
3242830147In the Thunderclouds
3242830144Neutrinos and Ozone
3242830145Lightning Strikes Twice
3242830158Expect Resistance
3242830159Renewable Energy
2381675253Into the Broken Ark
2381675255Shooting Sparks
2381675254Aggravated Battery
2381675249I'm In Charge Here
3510182585Too Hot to Handle
3510182584You're Fired
3510182587Hot Stuff
3510182586Cooked Well-Done
3510182589Form a Fireteam (Literally)
3510182588Preaching to the Fire
3510182591Arson? No, It's My Sun
3510182590Let the World Burn
3510182577Hold Your Fire
3510182576Fire Drill
351381400Live Fire Exercise
351381401Flame Thrower
351381403Extinguish Them
351381404Packin' Heat
2439584628The Unknown, Weaponized
599433023Null and Void
599433020Void of Riches
599433018Frozen in Fear
599433019Void Ice Land
599433016The Shape of [Void]
2439584627Screaming into the Void
599433014A Nova One Bites the Dust
2439584637Nova Turning Back
2110304287Slowly into the Void
2110304286Priceless Ice
2110304281Freeze and I'll Shoot
2993923017Captured Arc Energy
3118178694Captured Solar Energy
1767254609Captured Void or Stasis Energy
2593296987Orb Collector: Arc
2593296986Orb Collector: Solar
2593296985Orb Collector: Void or Stasis
2593296984Orb Collector: Prismatic
2593296991No-Fly Zone
2593296990Light Competition
2593296989Light and Dark
2593296988Vanguard's Blade
2593296979Orb Collector: Void or Stasis
3801019451Light Unleashed
3801019450Throwing Heat
3801019449Fist of the Solstice
3801019448Elemental Armament
3801019455Festive Infusion
3801019454Taken Holiday
3801019453Fall Solstice
3801019452Legion Season
3801019443Oryx Equinox
3801019442Public Celebration
2836954349Summoning Ritual
1250327262Which Witch
3871581136Forever Fight
1568895666Keep Out
4007940282Strength of Memory
3063752398Oath of the Pack
2099765145Around the Fire
1960358731Maneuver Warfare
4068460499Victory Banners
1284302942An Arsenal of Tricks
3780376499Iron Confidence
2352873759The Rout
253003205The Holiday Begins
253003204Trial in the Clouds
253003207But Wait, There's More!
253003206Breathe In, Breathe Out
253003201Reforged in the Light
795843927Nadir to Apex (Part I)
795843926Nadir to Apex (Part II)
795843925Nadir to Apex (Part III)
795843924Nadir to Apex (Part IV)
795843923Nadir to Apex (Part V)

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