3776156767Icon of "Scorch"ScorchThe target is singed by destructive [Solar] Solar Light, taking damage over time. Scorch damage increases as the target accumulates more Scorch stacks. After enough Scorch stacks are applied to the target, they ignite.
2127908492Icon of "Ignition"IgnitionA large [Solar] Solar explosion which deals damage in an area around the target.
270032678Icon of "Restoration"RestorationYou regenerate health and shields over time. Cannot be interrupted by taking damage.
302319153Icon of "Cure"CureYou are healed in a burst of mending [Solar] Solar Light.
1973222647Icon of "Radiant"RadiantYour weapons are enhanced by the power of the Traveler and deal increased damage to foes.
3085311430Icon of "Invisibility"InvisibilityYou vanish from sight and do not appear on radar. Performing offensive actions will end Invisibility.
537659786Icon of "Devour"DevourFeast on the energy of your defeated foes. Final blows restore you to full health, grant grenade energy, and extend Devour.
3068716550Icon of "Overshield"OvershieldYou are armored with a protective barrier of Void Light. Reduces damage taken from combatants.
4146662935Icon of "Weaken"WeakenThe target takes increased damage and has their movement speed slowed. Afflicted combatants have difficulty firing accurately.
3172172883Icon of "Suppression"SuppressionThe target is taken out of any active abilities and cannot activate any abilities or movement modes while Suppression persists. Afflicted combatants cannot fire their weapons.
2650036230Icon of "Volatile"VolatileThe target is afflicted with unstable Void energy and will explode upon taking additional damage.
4135386068Icon of "Slow"SlowThe target has slowed movement, slowed ability regeneration, and reduced weapon performance. Slowed combatants have difficulty firing accurately. After accumulating enough Slow stacks, the target is frozen.
2947605882Icon of "Freeze"FreezeThe target is trapped in [Stasis] Stasis matter and is unable to move. After taking additional damage while frozen, the target shatters.
4272830254Icon of "Shatter"ShatterWhen a frozen target is shattered, they take damage and deal damage in an area around them.
308023312Icon of "Stasis Crystal"Stasis CrystalA crystal of solidified [Stasis] Stasis matter. Upon creation, freezes nearby combatants and slows nearby players. Crystals can be destroyed, dealing damage in an area.
299507494Icon of "Stasis Shard"Stasis ShardA small shard of [Stasis] Stasis matter that can be collected to restore melee energy.


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