3071869738The CloserWhen targets are nearby, you have improved slide; after sliding, your ranged weapon attacks deal increased damage for a short time.
146502167Ashes to AshesDealing damage with a Solar weapon now applies scorch to your targets, but your foes also now apply scorch to you when they deal Solar or explosive damage.
2108566176Combat AccelerationAfter damaging a target with a weapon many times in rapid succession, you will regain ability energy for your melee, grenade, and class abilities. The base cooldown time for these abilities is lengthened.
2492586271PRISM DayAll collected Elemental Orbs contribute toward the elemental buff counter. Subclass choice determines which elemental buff is applied. Prismatic orbs from Taken combatants grant a random empowerment buff.
4211958639Rift RulesTo win, score more points than your opponent by collecting the Spark and igniting your opponent's Rift. Spark: Spawns in the center of the map at the beginning of the match and after a team scores. Drops at the Spark Runner's location upon death. Rift:…
2542545137Iron Banner Rank BoostIron Banner Rank point gains are increased by: {var:204478713}.{var:542268544}x Challenges Completed: {var:3685276897} of 4 Iron Banner Gear Equipped: {var:3094895831} of 5 Iron Banner Emblem: {var:334376694} of 1
2834033523Summoning RitualA challenge awaits…
217815700Which WitchA challenge awaits…
3632655552Forever FightA challenge awaits…
1741733430Keep OutA challenge awaits…
1498263100Strength of MemoryA challenge awaits…


3861383116Subtle Foes
3822538722Weight of Weakness
1627799816PRISM Day

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