3229558981Chaos ReshapedThis weapon gains bonus damage while in combat for an extended time. Remaining in combat for even longer rewards a larger damage bonus and periodically heals the wielder.
3955920657Chaos ReshapedThis weapon gains bonus damage while in combat for an extended time, activating faster. Remaining in combat for a slightly reduced duration rewards a larger damage bonus and periodically heals the wielder.
2003511023Collective PurposeGain bonus range and handling when near allies. Bows receive faster draw time and Swords receive faster charge rate. The effect scales with the number of nearby allies.
3706476854StackedIn "Salvation's Edge," final blows have an increased chance of spawning Heavy ammo while in possession of Resonance.
1209603680Persistent ResonanceIn "Salvation's Edge," create orbs when depositing Resonance.
335526224Arm's ReachIn "Salvation's Edge," gain bonus Super energy when defeating a combatant near a limb of the Witness.
3214090496High-Tier EliminationIn "Salvation's Edge," gain bonus ability energy when defeating challenging combatants or higher.
3341240528Electrified ConductorIn "Salvation's Edge," receive a large amount of Special ammo when charging a conductor.
1553686802Spirit of HarmonyWeapon final blows grant Super energy.
1553686803Spirit of the FilamentsEmpowering Rifts grant you Devour.
1553686800Spirit of the NecroticMelees cause damage over time.
1553686801Spirit of OsmiomancyImproves grenades.
1553686806Spirit of ApotheosisGain melee and grenade regeneration after your Super ends.
1553686807Spirit of VesperRifts periodically release Arc shockwaves.
1553686804Spirit of the StagRifts provides damage reduction.
1553686805Spirit of StarfireEmpowered weapon damage recharges grenades.
1553686810Spirit of the SwarmTangles spawn Threadlings.
1553686811Spirit of the ClawGain an additional melee charge.
2644022227Spirit of the DragonUsing your class ability reloads and improves weapons.
2644022226Spirit of GalanorSuper hits return Super energy.
2644022225Spirit of the FoetracerAbilities grant bonus weapon damage.
2644022224Spirit of CalibanPowered melee final blows trigger an ignition.
2644022231Spirit of RenewalImproves Duskfield grenades.
2644022230Spirit of the CyrtarachneGrenades grant Woven Mail.
2644022229Spirit of the GyrfalconGain volatile rounds after being invisible.
2644022228Spirit of the LiarCounterpunch deals extra damage.
2644022235Spirit of the WormhuskDodging heals you.
2644022234Spirit of the CoyoteGain an additional class ability charge.
2810944065Spirit of SeverancePowered melee final blows and finishers unleash explosions.
2810944064Spirit of HoarfrostReplace Barricade with a wall of Stasis crystals.
2810944067Spirit of the Eternal WarriorGain bonus weapon damage when your Super ends.
2810944066Spirit of the AbeyantImproves Drengr's Lash.
2810944069Spirit of the BearImproves Unbreakable.
2810944068Spirit of ContactPowered melee damage causes lightning strikes.
2810944071Spirit of ScarsWeapon final blows heal allies.
2810944070Spirit of the HornBarricades unleash a Solar blast.
2810944073Spirit of Alpha LupiCasting Barricade heals you and nearby allies.
2810944072Spirit of the ArmamentariumGain an additional grenade charge.
3465434116Spirit of the AssassinFinishers and powered melee final blows grant invisibility.
3465434117Spirit of Inmost LightUsing an ability empowers the other two abilities.
3465434118Spirit of the OphidianWeapons ready very quickly.
3465434119Spirit of the Star-EaterOrbs of Power overcharge your Super.
3465434112Spirit of SynthocepsImproves melee damage when you're surrounded.
3465434113Spirit of VerityWeapon final blows grant grenade damage.

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