2818793366Promised Reign MaskSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
3514560873Promised Reign GripsSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
2606110375Promised Reign VestSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
1982447823Promised Reign StridesSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
1571445896Promised Reign CloakSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
3661786002Promised Reunion HelmSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
3966513085Promised Reunion GauntletsSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
3549972907Promised Reunion PlateSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
177630611Promised Reunion GreavesSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
785080420Promised Reunion MarkSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
4030774889Promised Victory HoodSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
3732447422Promised Victory WrapsSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
2625907098Promised Victory RobesSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
670497724Promised Victory BootsSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
1355314861Promised Victory BondSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
3411864064EuphonySource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
3609892390TritoneEquip this weapon ornament to change the appearance of Euphony. Once you get an ornament, it's unlocked for all characters on your account.Source: Eververse
444928879Timeless BondSource: Episode: Echoes
2912866390StackedSalvation's Edge Armor ModSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
3311944448Persistent ResonanceSalvation's Edge Armor ModSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
2437867248Arm's ReachSalvation's Edge Armor ModSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
1021464224High-Tier EliminationSalvation's Edge Armor ModSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
392205168Electrified ConductorSalvation's Edge Armor ModSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
654071287EdficationSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
654071284Hunker DownSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
735290470Diametric CrushEquip this shader to change the color of your gear.Source: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
735290471Resonant CellweaveEquip this shader to change the color of your gear.Source: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
2145975878Turmoil EngineSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
1043732574Critical AnomalySource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
3868927795Critical Anomaly (Adept)Source: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
3494738134Forthcoming DevianceSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
3960974587Forthcoming Deviance (Adept)Source: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
1099367289Non-DenouementSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
3662053832Non-Denouement (Adept)Source: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
2384063741NullifySource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
1295019932Nullify (Adept)Source: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
3718346521ImminenceSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
2488582696Imminence (Adept)Source: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
3799404540Summum BonumSource: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
1322387333Summum Bonum (Adept)Source: "Salvation's Edge" Raid
2417252143Monolithic MementoA rare curio obtained from "Salvation's Edge." When inserted into a Shaped or Enhanced weapon, this Memento will grant the weapon additional vanity options. You may store only three of these Mementos at a time.


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