2201934788Icon of "Alluring Looks Bundle"Alluring Looks BundleA one-time bundle to enhance your Guardian's look. Contains 1 Exotic Shader and 2 Armor Synthesis tokens.


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919809084Icon of "Eva Levante"Eva Levante2862View diff
3347378076Icon of "Suraya Hawthorne"Suraya Hawthorne45View diff
69482069Icon of "Commander Zavala"Commander Zavala270View diff
1976548992Icon of "Ikora Rey"Ikora Rey99View diff
3603221665Icon of "Lord Shaxx"Lord Shaxx53View diff
2255782930Icon of "Master Rahool"Master Rahool62View diff
672118013Icon of "Banshee-44"Banshee-44138View diff
2190858386Icon of "Xûr"Xûr79View diff
460529231Icon of "Amanda Holliday"Amanda Holliday216View diff
1735426333Icon of "Ana Bray"Ana Bray2View diff
248695599Icon of "The Drifter"The Drifter125View diff
2917531897Icon of "Ada-1"Ada-11View diff
2894222926Icon of "The Gate Lord's Eye"The Gate Lord's Eye85View diff
4287814313Icon of "War Table"War Table50View diff
735665774Icon of "Amanda Holliday"Amanda Holliday1View diff
1525683637Icon of "Ikora Rey"Ikora Rey4View diff
3884814177Icon of "New Light"New Light8View diff
2776510816Icon of "Exotic"Exotic5View diff
1092954315Icon of "Legacy Gear"Legacy Gear37View diff
2384113223Icon of "Fynch"Fynch9View diff
4290765743Icon of "Ikora Rey"Ikora Rey9View diff
1670274555Icon of "Evidence Board"Evidence Board16View diff
2243109627Icon of ""4View diff
3642056527Icon of "Relic Conduit"Relic Conduit129View diff
3361454721Icon of "Tess Everis"Tess Everis5548View diff