HashIconNameProperties changedLink
1649346047Resonant Fury Mask1View diff
3487540074Resonant Fury Vest1View diff
1583213254Resonant Fury Grips1View diff
4124357755Resonant Fury Cloak1View diff
1566699968Resonant Fury Strides1View diff
511888814Secant Filaments1View diff
3259193988Osmiomancy Gloves1View diff
3316517958Loreley Splendor Helm2View diff
1322544481Hoarfrost-Z1View diff
1703551922Blight Ranger1View diff
2169905051Renewal Grasps1View diff
362541459Resonant Fury Helm1View diff
1627640710Resonant Fury Plate1View diff
2150515362Resonant Fury Gauntlets1View diff
365727964Resonant Fury Greaves1View diff
2370089583Resonant Fury Mark1View diff
1656263403Resonant Fury Gloves1View diff
2422261368Resonant Fury Bond1View diff
2748020989Resonant Fury Boots1View diff
3300312357Resonant Fury Robes1View diff
2316722050Resonant Fury Cowl1View diff
940788946Star Jasmine1View diff
2893840584Criticality of Quickness1View diff
2139400845Gouging Light1View diff
1993613993Ivory Empress1View diff
551038990Edge of Action1View diff
551038991Edge of Concurrence1View diff
551038988Edge of Intent1View diff
46524085Osteo Striga1View diff
3505113722Collective Obligation1View diff
2812324401Dead Messenger1View diff
2812324400Parasite1View diff
1763584999Grand Overture1View diff
1572896086Recurrent Impact1View diff
1248372789Sweet Sorrow1View diff
2638190703Aisha's Embrace1View diff
3216652511Reckless Endangerment1View diff
1796949035Razor's Edge1View diff
3201161941Imperious Sun Shell1View diff
858400357Coalition Shell1View diff
3129744722Flayer Shell1View diff
1441479303Fundament Shell1View diff
81505816Icon of "Pickman"Pickman1View diff
81505819Icon of "Three-Oh-Three"Three-Oh-Three1View diff
81505818Icon of "Krill"Krill1View diff
81505821Icon of "Euloch"Euloch1View diff
81505820Icon of "Fynch I"Fynch I1View diff
81505823Icon of "Fynch II"Fynch II1View diff
81505822Icon of "Specter"Specter1View diff
81505809Icon of "Immaru"Immaru1View diff
81505808Icon of "Harmonia"Harmonia1View diff
3184726008Icon of "Jynx"Jynx1View diff
182633238Icon of "Untamed"Untamed1View diff
182633237Icon of "Provoked"Provoked1View diff
182633236Icon of "Endangered"Endangered1View diff
182633235Icon of "Nepotistic"Nepotistic1View diff
182633234Icon of "Defiant"Defiant1View diff
182633233Icon of "Isolated"Isolated1View diff
182633232Icon of "Tainted"Tainted1View diff
182633247Icon of "Assaulted"Assaulted1View diff
182633246Icon of "Lamented"Lamented1View diff
955849618Icon of "Liberated"Liberated1View diff
935120014Icon of "Altars of Reflection—Dispatch"Altars of Reflection—Dispatch1View diff
935120013Icon of "Altars of Reflection—Assessment"Altars of Reflection—Assessment1View diff
935120012Icon of "Altars of Reflection—Control"Altars of Reflection—Control1View diff
935120011Icon of "Altars of Reflection—New Input"Altars of Reflection—New Input1View diff
935120010Icon of "RE: Altars of Reflection—New Input"RE: Altars of Reflection—New Input1View diff
935120009Icon of "Altars of Reflection—Conclusion [Draft]"Altars of Reflection—Conclusion [Draft]1View diff
935120008Icon of "Personal Accountability"Personal Accountability1View diff
935120007Icon of "Altars of Reflection—Conclusion"Altars of Reflection—Conclusion1View diff
1250196969Icon of "Osiris I"Osiris I1View diff
1250196970Icon of "Eris I"Eris I1View diff
1250196971Icon of "Ikora I"Ikora I1View diff
1250196972Icon of "Caiatl I"Caiatl I1View diff
1250196973Icon of "Ikora II"Ikora II1View diff
1250196974Icon of "Toland I"Toland I1View diff
1250196975Icon of "Zavala I"Zavala I1View diff
1250196960Icon of "Eris II"Eris II1View diff