44481940Icon of "Sidearm Reserves"Sidearm ReservesSource: Open Legendary engrams and earn faction rank-up packages.
3307617081Icon of "Sidearm Ammo Finder"Sidearm Ammo FinderSource: Open Legendary engrams and earn faction rank-up packages.
852337800Icon of "Sidearm Scavenger"Sidearm ScavengerSource: Open Legendary engrams and earn faction rank-up packages.


HashIconNameProperties changedLink
202182135Icon of "Resonant Fury Mask"Resonant Fury Mask1View diff
311152108Icon of "Resonant Fury Grips"Resonant Fury Grips1View diff
1040220564Icon of "Resonant Fury Vest"Resonant Fury Vest1View diff
2112398586Icon of "Resonant Fury Strides"Resonant Fury Strides1View diff
2580637867Icon of "Resonant Fury Cloak"Resonant Fury Cloak1View diff
3467234515Icon of "Resonant Fury Helm"Resonant Fury Helm1View diff
4019571936Icon of "Resonant Fury Gauntlets"Resonant Fury Gauntlets1View diff
4289084248Icon of "Resonant Fury Plate"Resonant Fury Plate1View diff
2708342014Icon of "Resonant Fury Greaves"Resonant Fury Greaves1View diff
3295996455Icon of "Resonant Fury Mark"Resonant Fury Mark1View diff
3133932886Icon of "Resonant Fury Cowl"Resonant Fury Cowl1View diff
3829700137Icon of "Resonant Fury Gloves"Resonant Fury Gloves1View diff
3513406311Icon of "Resonant Fury Robes"Resonant Fury Robes1View diff
2297483919Icon of "Resonant Fury Boots"Resonant Fury Boots1View diff
2520318536Icon of "Resonant Fury Bond"Resonant Fury Bond1View diff
2817568609Icon of "Collective Obligation"Collective Obligation1View diff
3332105570Icon of "Coalition Shell"Coalition Shell1View diff
3070552038Icon of "Imperious Sun Shell"Imperious Sun Shell1View diff
1029704925Icon of "Umbral Sharpening"Umbral Sharpening1View diff
286736914Icon of "Umbral Hastening"Umbral Hastening1View diff
937581026Icon of "Shocked Glyphkeeper"Shocked Glyphkeeper1View diff
131769494Icon of "Into the Light"Into the Light1View diff
2963782329Icon of "Smoldering Glyphkeeper"Smoldering Glyphkeeper1View diff
3932921591Icon of "Siphoned Glyphkeeper"Siphoned Glyphkeeper1View diff
1477727935Icon of "Stagnant Glyphkeeper"Stagnant Glyphkeeper1View diff
1808843605Icon of "Umbral Recharge"Umbral Recharge1View diff
2687147700Icon of "Distorted Glyphkeeper"Distorted Glyphkeeper1View diff
2561756669Icon of "Light of the Dark Sun"Light of the Dark Sun1View diff
2561756670Icon of "The Cleaver"The Cleaver1View diff
2899099800Icon of "Echoed Anger"Echoed Anger1View diff
2899099801Icon of "Divinity's Caress"Divinity's Caress1View diff
3666935132Icon of "Winchester's Ruin"Winchester's Ruin1View diff
3786633657Icon of "Double Rainbow"Double Rainbow1View diff
1951003399Icon of "Insurgent's Spur"Insurgent's Spur1View diff
1951003398Icon of "Cetacean Wing"Cetacean Wing1View diff
1951003397Icon of "Bishop's Run"Bishop's Run1View diff
526039808Icon of "Unraveling Star"Unraveling Star1View diff
526039809Icon of "Swiftrook"Swiftrook1View diff
526039810Icon of "Widen the Sky"Widen the Sky1View diff
526039811Icon of "Vega Wave"Vega Wave1View diff
526039812Icon of "Where I Belong"Where I Belong1View diff
526039813Icon of "Gravity Maestro"Gravity Maestro1View diff
526039814Icon of "Cosmonaut Galahad"Cosmonaut Galahad1View diff
526039815Icon of "Eidolon Bird"Eidolon Bird1View diff
526039816Icon of "Spinning, Spinning"Spinning, Spinning1View diff
526039817Icon of "Pegasus Bravo"Pegasus Bravo1View diff
1557422755Icon of "Inexorable"Inexorable1View diff
1557422754Icon of "Juliet Windy"Juliet Windy1View diff
1557422753Icon of "Summer's Altar"Summer's Altar1View diff
1557422752Icon of "Jupiter Midnight"Jupiter Midnight1View diff
2827612594Icon of "Dawning Cheer"Dawning Cheer1View diff
2234728604Icon of "Sunny Disposition"Sunny Disposition1View diff
2234728605Icon of "Aerolite HW-42"Aerolite HW-421View diff
2234728606Icon of "The Whipcrack"The Whipcrack1View diff
2234728607Icon of "Spaded Knife"Spaded Knife1View diff
2234728602Icon of "Sgian Dubh"Sgian Dubh1View diff
2234728603Icon of "Praxic Justice"Praxic Justice1View diff
2234728596Icon of "Arion"Arion1View diff
2234728597Icon of "RJSV 99-40"RJSV 99-401View diff
1286518551Icon of "Bitter Poison"Bitter Poison1View diff
1286518550Icon of "Beat Patrol"Beat Patrol1View diff
2325849462Icon of "Circumpolar Light"Circumpolar Light1View diff
2325849463Icon of "Equinoctial Edge"Equinoctial Edge1View diff
1413312576Icon of "The Saturnalian"The Saturnalian1View diff
1413312577Icon of "Saturnalia-DAI-SP1"Saturnalia-DAI-SP11View diff
1413312578Icon of "Raucous Edge"Raucous Edge1View diff
1413312579Icon of "The Merry Gunner"The Merry Gunner1View diff
1413312580Icon of "The Festive Hauler"The Festive Hauler1View diff
1413312581Icon of "The Convivial Racer"The Convivial Racer1View diff
844832867Icon of "Gouging Light"Gouging Light1View diff
4133398550Icon of "Deliverance"Deliverance1View diff
2198737723Icon of "Deliverance (Adept)"Deliverance (Adept)1View diff
532221690Icon of "Forbearance"Forbearance1View diff
2115824895Icon of "Forbearance (Adept)"Forbearance (Adept)1View diff
1990579948Icon of "Reckless Endangerment"Reckless Endangerment1View diff
1496296460Icon of "Lubrae's Ruin"Lubrae's Ruin1View diff
200574517Icon of "Lubrae's Ruin (Adept)"Lubrae's Ruin (Adept)1View diff
2500976255Icon of "Insidious"Insidious1View diff
486102898Icon of "Insidious (Adept)"Insidious (Adept)1View diff
1241167395Icon of "Submission"Submission1View diff
3020310886Icon of "Submission (Adept)"Submission (Adept)1View diff
2923059994Icon of "Cataclysmic"Cataclysmic1View diff
3354615903Icon of "Cataclysmic (Adept)"Cataclysmic (Adept)1View diff