44481940Sidearm ReservesSource: Open Legendary engrams and earn faction rank-up packages.
3307617081Sidearm Ammo FinderSource: Open Legendary engrams and earn faction rank-up packages.
852337800Sidearm ScavengerSource: Open Legendary engrams and earn faction rank-up packages.


202182135Resonant Fury MaskView diff
311152108Resonant Fury GripsView diff
1040220564Resonant Fury VestView diff
2112398586Resonant Fury StridesView diff
2580637867Resonant Fury CloakView diff
3467234515Resonant Fury HelmView diff
4019571936Resonant Fury GauntletsView diff
4289084248Resonant Fury PlateView diff
2708342014Resonant Fury GreavesView diff
3295996455Resonant Fury MarkView diff
3133932886Resonant Fury CowlView diff
3829700137Resonant Fury GlovesView diff
3513406311Resonant Fury RobesView diff
2297483919Resonant Fury BootsView diff
2520318536Resonant Fury BondView diff
2817568609Collective ObligationView diff
3332105570Coalition ShellView diff
3070552038Imperious Sun ShellView diff
1029704925Umbral SharpeningView diff
286736914Umbral HasteningView diff
937581026Shocked GlyphkeeperView diff
131769494Into the LightView diff
2963782329Smoldering GlyphkeeperView diff
3932921591Siphoned GlyphkeeperView diff
1477727935Stagnant GlyphkeeperView diff
1808843605Umbral RechargeView diff
2687147700Distorted GlyphkeeperView diff
2561756669Light of the Dark SunView diff
2561756670The CleaverView diff
2899099800Echoed AngerView diff
2899099801Divinity's CaressView diff
3666935132Winchester's RuinView diff
3786633657Double RainbowView diff
1951003399Insurgent's SpurView diff
1951003398Cetacean WingView diff
1951003397Bishop's RunView diff
526039808Unraveling StarView diff
526039809SwiftrookView diff
526039810Widen the SkyView diff
526039811Vega WaveView diff
526039812Where I BelongView diff
526039813Gravity MaestroView diff
526039814Cosmonaut GalahadView diff
526039815Eidolon BirdView diff
526039816Spinning, SpinningView diff
526039817Pegasus BravoView diff
1557422755InexorableView diff
1557422754Juliet WindyView diff
1557422753Summer's AltarView diff
1557422752Jupiter MidnightView diff
2827612594Dawning CheerView diff
2234728604Sunny DispositionView diff
2234728605Aerolite HW-42View diff
2234728606The WhipcrackView diff
2234728607Spaded KnifeView diff
2234728602Sgian DubhView diff
2234728603Praxic JusticeView diff
2234728596ArionView diff
2234728597RJSV 99-40View diff
1286518551Bitter PoisonView diff
1286518550Beat PatrolView diff
2325849462Circumpolar LightView diff
2325849463Equinoctial EdgeView diff
1413312576The SaturnalianView diff
1413312577Saturnalia-DAI-SP1View diff
1413312578Raucous EdgeView diff
1413312579The Merry GunnerView diff
1413312580The Festive HaulerView diff
1413312581The Convivial RacerView diff
844832867Gouging LightView diff
4133398550DeliveranceView diff
2198737723Deliverance (Adept)View diff
532221690ForbearanceView diff
2115824895Forbearance (Adept)View diff
1990579948Reckless EndangermentView diff
1496296460Lubrae's RuinView diff
200574517Lubrae's Ruin (Adept)View diff
2500976255InsidiousView diff
486102898Insidious (Adept)View diff
1241167395SubmissionView diff
3020310886Submission (Adept)View diff
2923059994CataclysmicView diff
3354615903Cataclysmic (Adept)View diff

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