2261046232Jurassic GreenForeword to "The Book of the Forgotten" Sol is filled with monsters. More than I imagined could possibly exist in one system. So far, the list includes: Alien robots that bend time, blot out the sun, and drive people crazy. Floating witches that birth s…
2786418824VI - IsolationSpace is loneliness. Far removed from any of the system's planets, it is at once suffocatingly dark and blindingly bright depending on which way you turn. A jumpship sits in a fixed position in the black, engines off, oriented so its underbelly faces the g…
2786418825VII - Interpolation"I hate you." It's the first thing Mara says on reaching Savathûn's crystalline prison. Her words lack heat but echo through the cavernous chamber nonetheless. "I just want to be absolutely clear on this: I hate you, and I wish nothing but pain and suffer…
2786418822VIII - CorrespondenceBrother— The Witch Queen has been banished from the Dreaming City. We are no longer bound by her secrets. You are no longer bound by your own. I have been told my trajectory leads to solitude. In truth, I believed myself arrived for some time. I would ch…
1880636496Headless HorsepowerGlint compiled as Crow made his way down an enormous metal corridor festooned with Caiatl's banners. They were directed to a room aboard the Cabal flagship; a simple space furnished for guests. When the door closed and they were finally alone again, Glint…


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