2351853697Spark Defender
3254752190Flourish of Power
2303919103Cosmic Churn
3182424443Momentum Crash
160372872Iron Sharpens Iron
1704023004The Deep End
3959113434Fleeting Glory
566358349Trial by Firing Squad
1084442542Eyeing Iron
3842737659Sparks of Arc
1771359723Gills Acquired
1547444493Standard Issue
3448134419Primeval Entourage
441073587Bank, Kill, Repeat
1222941553Sound of Metal
1434781246High-Value Hunter
3735627407Ethereal Might
1836712970Special Measures
2968364009EDZ Activities
123563142Taking All Challenges
1021426116Throne World Activities
4194123233Lost in the Legend
2416723655Nessus Activities
3198767927Commendation Appreciation
1992552039Mod Collector
391647868Battle Rhythm
828123731Gotta Win Them All
2977972302Round and Round We Go
3709502056Ritual Ornament
1273539990Neptune Activities
1631879161Calibrate Close Range
2631361161Calibrate Long Range
2511709295Mid-Range Calibration
267715345Precision Calibration
1147101510Flood Tide
569594234Absolutely Stunning
3702214313Implements of War
3039993366Rapid Precision
3494504213Into the Depths I
3494504214Into the Depths II
3494504215Into the Depths III
3494504208Into the Depths IV
3494504209Into the Depths V
3494504210Into the Depths VI
2415914547Front Line Salvager I
2415914545Front Line Salvager II
2415914551Front Line Salvager III
2415914544Front Line Salvager IV
2415914550Front Line Salvager V
2415914548Front Line Salvager VI
2415914549Front Line Salvager VII
385271804Successful Salvager
385271807Powerful Salvager
385271806Depth Charge
385271801Heavy Salvager
385271800Salvage Legend
385271803Super Salvager
385271802Rapid Salvager
433217526Deep Diver
433217525Under Pressure
433217524Treasures from the Deep
433217523Wicked Depths
4167710756Antithetical Armaments
4167710759Short-Range Salvager
4167710758Prepared for War
4167710753Salvaged Munitions
326689051The One That Didn't Get Away
326689048Go Big (Fish) or Go Home
326689049Patience Perfected
46166772Commendable Salvager
46166775Commendable Diver
2529629860The Fallen Fall
557285499Taken Decimator
1242133214Ultimate Champion
2611204470Darkest Nightfall
1173917021Boss Battle
2569386149Tried and True
2932416493Seasonal Artifact
3093587483Artifact Power Bonus
1302614191Seasonal Artifact Perks
4264180024Season Rank
2634979092Seasonal Challenges
2689636241Sonar Station Reputation
3371061490Artifact Power Bonus
963143806Seasonal Artifact Perks
1537008787Season Rank
3491711615Seasonal Challenges
2052165668Sonar Station Reputation
99494193Seasonal Bonuses
4145553583Seasonal Playlist Rewards
2401440741King's Fall
759236524Seasonal Ranks
759236526Seasonal Challenges
843711771Sonar Station Reputation
235949746Seasonal Bonuses
1908461205Artifact Power Bonus
2946239697Seasonal Artifact Perks
2901294704Powerful Cap
755036508Pinnacle Rewards
583790691Seasonal Ranks
1885783925Seasonal Bonuses
965924556Seasonal Challenges
891982358Sonar Station Reputation
1680025284Artifact Power Bonus
106642976Seasonal Artifact Perks
3762870149Seasonal Ranks
2875979826Seasonal Challenges
1752426792Seasonal Difficulty
2173319384Sonar Station Reputation
2817022535Seasonal Bonuses
2892220019Pinnacle Cap
2799942207Grandmaster Nightfall
809898860Scoring Grandmaster
3828113377Root of Nightmares Mastery
2036583617Gilded Conqueror

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