1538430224The Witch QueenComplete "The Arrival" mission.
4276793012Season of the Risen
208664768Season of the Risen
2992955100The Psionic TransmissionEmpress Caiatl has a message for you at the War Table in the H.E.L.M.
342921080Fynch's ChallengeGain reputation with Fynch.
243742733For the Light… Against the LightDefeat Champions in the PsiOps Battlegrounds playlist.
2595878741###DestinyMilestones.MILESTONE-MILESTONE_WEEKLY_WITCH_QUEEN_CAMPAIGN_PARTICIPATION-NAME###Complete the weekly campaign mission on any difficulty.
363309766###DestinyMilestones.MILESTONE-MILESTONE_WEEKLY_WITCH_QUEEN_CAMPAIGN_PINNACLE-NAME###Get a team score of 100,000 or better.
3831234800Wellspring Powerful ChallengeComplete runs of The Wellspring.
1607791277Wellspring Pinnacle ChallengeComplete runs of the Wellspring on higher difficulties.
2321298069###DestinyMilestones.MILESTONE-MILESTONE_WEEKLY_WITCH_QUEEN_SHRINES_PARTICIPATION-NAME###Complete Altars of Reflection.
4081841674PreservationEnter the Throne World Pyramid and prevent the Scorn from reclaiming its power.
400869111Runic Decoder IOpen Runic Chests in the Season of the Risen Battlegrounds playlist.
400869108Runic Decoder IIOpen Runic Chests in the Season of the Risen Battlegrounds playlist.
400869109Runic Decoder IIIOpen Runic Chests in the Season of the Risen Battlegrounds playlist.
209031920Tank BusterDefeat powerful Cabal and Champions in the "Vox Obscura" Exotic quest.
1925223180ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.


1202202312In Pursuit of Vengeance
2540726600Europa Challenge
1424672028Exo Stranger Challenge
2406589846Deadly Venatics
2647205950Battleground: Behemoth
2593495565Mission Briefing
2593495564Mission Briefing
2593495563Mission Briefing
2593495562Mission Briefing
2593495561Mission Briefing
2593495560Mission Briefing
3341030123Rewiring the Light
337814587Wayfinder's Compass Bounties
3687133885Legacy: Beneath the Great Machine
2108847002Mission Briefing
2108847003Legacy: Path of the Splicer III
2108847004Mission Briefing
2108847005Mission Briefing
2108847006Mission Briefing
2108847007Mission Briefing
2108846992Mission Briefing
979073379Weekly Exo Challenge
1713200903Weekly Exo Challenge
3002126300Empire Hunt Challenge
291895718Empire Hunt Challenge
1086730368Weekly Harbinger Challenge
3927548661Weekly Completion Challenge
3632712541Battle Hardened
966446952Net Crasher
1639406072Astral Alignment (1/3)
3568317242Astral Alignment (2/3)
1322124257Astral Alignment (3/3)
3789620084Shattered Champions


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