2384113223Icon of "Conscientious Objector"Conscientious ObjectorA Hive Ghost who no longer believes the Hive deserve the Light, Fynch has defected from Savath√Ľn's followers in order to help humanity.
1670274555Icon of "Investigatory Apparatus"Investigatory ApparatusThe Hidden's hub for intel on any and all Enclave investigations.
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3642056527Icon of "Pyramid Shaping Engine"Pyramid Shaping Engine
3786069502Icon of "Vanguard Operations"Vanguard OperationsComplete missions in the PsiOps Battlegrounds playlist and decode Runic Chests to increase your rank.
1244708409Icon of "Classified"ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.


588288562Icon of "Compass Calibration"Compass CalibrationComplete Seasonal Challenges to calibrate the Wayfinder's Compass.
2139865751Icon of "Crypto-Archeology"Crypto-Archeology
2681410386Icon of "undefined"
3125858369Icon of "Vanguard Operations"Vanguard OperationsA tactical display hub to track the Vanguard combat operations against Caiatl's Commanders.
3344595739Icon of "The Shore's Only Law"The Shore's Only LawUnlike his Fallen brethren, the clever Spider prefers to negotiate instead of fight.
3611983588Icon of "Spider's Crime Syndicate"Spider's Crime SyndicateA Fallen criminal enterprise based on the Tangled Shore and led by the Spider.
3757906358Icon of "House of Light"House of LightEarn Decrypted Data to increase your Reputation Rank with the Splicer Servitor.


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