4033010926VI—The Battle WithinGuardians and civilian functionaries bustled past Devrim as he made his way toward Zavala's office in the Tower. The greying scout took a deep breath and was discomforted by the assault of body odor, pollution, market spices, and the sharp sting of aerosol…
2656540438The Last CityThere were memories Amanda knew she had to keep. Her mother's death was one of them. Her father's, too. But the Chaperone was just as clear in her mind, even when the sound of their voices faded. Amanda remembered the final shots of her mother's gun that…
3734203168Scribetrace ShellThe journey was instantaneous; such was the force of the informational mass that pulled the signal into the radiolarian vortex at the heart of the Vex network. Decompiled data from untold eons of simulations poured into the signal, filling it to capacity…


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