3450165804War TableCenter for operations against the Cabal.
2287550700Hammer EnhancementsEnhance the Hammer of Proving.
2209308523Beyond Light ExoticsExotics released during Destiny 2 - Year 4.
2100650132Prismatic RecasterAllows Guardians to use Prismatic Lenses and other materials to focus Umbral Engrams, altering their contents.
1217590901Umbral DecoderA device to extract the Darkness from Umbral Engrams and reveal the equipment within. Built by the Cryptarchy, this version is safer than the Drifter's original design.
1424236058Umbral FocusingPrismatic Lenses unlock the ability to focus Umbral Engrams and choose the rewards within.
119098821Fragile Prismatic LensA Focused Umbral Engram containing reforged weapons from the Red War.
2881385775Season of the ChosenA collection of focusing options from Season of the Chosen; unlocked by discovering Prismatic Lenses.
3020182142The CrowThe amnesiac Lightbearer once known as Prince Uldren Sov of the Reef.
773273986Post BoxVanguard mail receptacle.
2791806234Season of the Chosen Starter PackA one-time bundle to kick off Season of the Chosen. Contains 2 exclusive items, 5 consumables, and Bright Dust.
1853865612Celestial Hunter BundleContains a full set of Celestial Hunter universal ornaments. Bundle price will be reduced for each item already owned.
1746278026Celestial Titan BundleContains a full set of Celestial Titan universal ornaments. Bundle price will be reduced for each item already owned.
3887025615Celestial Warlock BundleContains a full set of Celestial Warlock universal ornaments. Bundle price will be reduced for each item already owned.
2072416122Season of the Chosen Projections BundleContains 5 Season of the Chosen Ghost projections. Bundle price will be reduced for each item already owned.
3259015686Premium Hunter RewardsA bundle of rewards for Guardians who activate the Season Pass.
2856381562Premium Titan RewardsA bundle of rewards for Guardians who activate the Season Pass.
38072003Premium Warlock RewardsA bundle of rewards for Guardians who activate the Season Pass.
4129837843Additional RewardsRewards earned as you level the Season Pass. Includes weapon ornaments, universal armor ornaments, and more.
60346496ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.
3363683299ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.
1294099394ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.


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