3243997895Captain's LogEarn reputation with Failsafe by depositing Radiolite samples in the H.E.L.M. and completing Seasonal activities, bounties, and pursuits.
2603713309A Ghost's DutyGain reputation with Ghost.
3388857299Echoes Act I: A Familiar VoiceDecrypt an Echo Engram at the War Table in the H.E.L.M.
1269958029The Final ShapeCross the threshold and discover what lies within the Traveler.
3480513797Weekly Pathfinder ChallengeComplete a Pathfinder path and claim the reward.
1816391649The Pale Heart PathfinderComplete Pale Heart Pathfinder objectives and claim the Path Completed Reward.


3021174356Aquatic Operations
4142352494Legacy: Beneath the Waves
2727582952Fishing Rally: EDZ
3910722976Fishing Rally: Nessus
3146348009Fishing Rally: Throne World
2842215657Legacy: Toil and Trouble
644555645Rite of Culling
3802603984Shady Schemes
2709491520Vanguard Service
2594202463Live-Fire Exercises
540415767Crota's End
309103887The Liberator's Path
937548193Legacy: Season 20
2450931861Nimbus's Challenge
213479068Metropolitan Defense
2962896464Final Wish
3799684454Bastion of the Anthem Anatheme
3215309085Feats of Bravery
935605749Ironclad Faith
295129163Dares of Eternity Powerful Challenge
475790763Dares of Eternity Pinnacle Challenge
4111516205Iron Banner Challenge
4111516206Iron Banner Challenge
4111516207Iron Banner Challenge
4111516200Iron Banner Challenge
4103768192Node Runner
793110320Lightfall Weekly Campaign Mission
3446833552Lightfall Weekly Partition
1271434219Lightfall Weekly Partition
1235829702Daring Deliverance I
1235829701Daring Deliverance II
1235829700Daring Deliverance III
1610873105Defy Tyranny
3031368925Victor's Tribute I
3031368926Victor's Tribute II
3031368927Victor's Tribute I
2870173601Arx Arcanus I
2870173602Arx Arcanus II
2870173603Arx Arcanus III
2705676777Legend Savathûn's Spire
541127642Wish Fulfillment
3690703860Wave Runner
3690703863Wave Breaker


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