1069213998Total SealsThe total of all earned Seals.
2245851611Episode: EchoesHighest Rank achieved for Episode: Echoes.
3207420772Nightfall: "Exodus Crash" ScoreThe lifetime high score for "Exodus Crash" in Nightfall. Tracks from Season 10 onward.
4016327807Explorer's NotesTotal Seasonal Artifact Power earned during Episode: Echoes.
604579619The Perfect HeistHighest score earned in Breach Executable as a fireteam.
831493503Red and RehabilitatedFinal blows with Red Death Reformed during Episode: Echoes.
3725941205ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.
31271381ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.
1816192265ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.
4060528349ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.
1247054854ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.
3136690730ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.
3903626749ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.
4007611017ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.
1971980130ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.
3085488098ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.
948973527ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.
369734373ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.


279504192Prolific Emancipator
4055734702Shadow Legion's Bane
326202600Favored of Mara Sov
1547568560Season 21: Reward Tier 7 Deep Dives
1629825403Season 21: Total Fish Caught
600253797Season 21: Largest Fish Caught
4251961586The Witch Queen's Favorite
2433669988Athame Bearer
1327262791Mystic Step
3875151813Thrall Breaker
3548965745Labyrinth Runner
1495092373Zero to Legendary
1709219951Hastened Zero Hour
1655111916Hastened Whisper
2116501558Horde Breaker


3638166317Dares of Eternity: Expert ScoreView diff
2278739903Season of the Undying RankView diff
2278739902Season of Dawn RankView diff
2262629298Season of the Worthy RankView diff
2262629299Season of ArrivalsView diff
2262629303Season of the Lost RankView diff
2262629300Season of the Risen RankView diff
2262629301Season of the Haunted RankView diff
2262629306Season of Plunder RankView diff
2262629307Season of the Seraph RankView diff
2245851615Season of Defiance RankView diff
2245851614Season of the Deep RankView diff
2245851613Season of the Witch RankView diff
2245851612Season of the Wish RankView diff
2221565247Fractaline DonatedView diff
932103349Candy CollectedView diff
1262616059Terrors DefeatedView diff
1146981851Deepest BranchView diff
3597861791Cookies bakedView diff
3601182374Cookies deliveredView diff
857713621Snowball final blowsView diff
2114794836Forges IgnitedView diff
2588152220Branches ClearedView diff
1770444428Revelric LightView diff
69139408Encounter CompletionsView diff
3968762029Menagerie CompletionsView diff
3281994512Heroic Menagerie CompletionsView diff
3808431400Exotic Quest: Presage CompletionsView diff
1367925861Exotic Quest: Presage Master Difficulty Fastest TimeView diff
1902642032Exotic Quest: Presage CarriesView diff
473272243Laurels earnedView diff
2577852236Platinum Medals earnedView diff
479416348Legendary Astral Alignment CompletionsView diff
1448298030Fastest Astral Alignment CompletionView diff
4017051991Combatants Defeated in Season of the Lost ActivitiesView diff
3523358957Season of the Lost Champions DefeatedView diff
175912632Flawless Shattered Realm CompletionsView diff
3374253215Fastest Shattered Realm CompletionView diff
444039684Risen Champions defeatedView diff
3216652282Flawless PsiOps Battleground CompletionsView diff
3639474772Exotic Quest: Vox Obscura Master CompletionsView diff
24768693Total Fish CaughtView diff
2691615711Largest Fish CaughtView diff
1530879351Season 12: Wrathborn DefeatedView diff
1757812403Top Fireteam ScoreView diff
1067433819RankingView diff
2330926603Total Medallion ScoreView diff
3290789770Daily Medallion ScoreView diff
2871558814Daily Medallion ScoreView diff
3738124663Daily Medallion ScoreView diff

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