3100626989Icon of "undefined"
3957481075Icon of "undefined"
2067184090Icon of "Glowing Embers"Glowing EmbersGlowing Embers
2067184091Icon of "Shining Embers"Shining EmbersShining Embers
3836532901Icon of "Spark of Mobility"Spark of MobilitySpark of Mobility
150120988Icon of "Spark of Recovery"Spark of RecoverySpark of Recovery
3379205219Icon of "Spark of Resilience"Spark of ResilienceSpark of Resilience
1909790769Icon of "Spark of Discipline"Spark of DisciplineSpark of Discipline
4254674354Icon of "Spark of Intellect"Spark of IntellectSpark of Intellect
1388474298Icon of "Spark of Strength"Spark of StrengthSpark of Strength


3199354179Icon of "Dream Work"Dream WorkOnce per reload, assists or assisted final blows partially refill the weapon from reserves, potentially overflowing the magazine.
3721250638Icon of "Peach Spotlight Effects"Peach Spotlight EffectsAdds a peach spotlight to your transmat effects.


978591620Icon of "Stasis Empowerment"Stasis EmpowermentWhile Stasis empowered: - Stasis Supers have extended durations. - Defeated combatants spawn Stasis mines. On PRISM Day, Stasis empowerment is applied while using a Stasis subclass.
2531791648Icon of "undefined"
2552639955Icon of "Void Empowerment"Void EmpowermentWhile Void empowered: - Void Supers have extended durations. - Void grenades and melee attacks deal increased damage. - Crouching grants invisibility, Truesight, increased energy regeneration, and increased mobility. On PRISM Day, Void empowerment is applied while using a Void subclass.
2577101114Icon of "Solar Empowerment"Solar EmpowermentWhile Solar empowered: - Solar Supers have extended durations. - You radiate damaging Solar energy. - Damage resistance increases. - You heal passively. On PRISM Day, Solar empowerment is applied while using a Solar subclass.
2714443028Icon of "Fragment Magnet"Fragment MagnetIncreased chance to find Solstice Key Fragments.
2784195221Icon of "Arc Empowerment"Arc EmpowermentWhile Arc empowered: - Arc Supers have extended durations. - Air and ground speed increases. - Slide distance increases. - Weapon handling and reload speed increases. - Melee damage increases. - Sword damage and lunge range increases. - Sword ammo is granted every second while equipped. On PRISM Day, Arc empowerment is applied while using an Arc subclass.