1657616861FlareRapidly defeat combatants to gain Flare. Flare deals damage to combatants near you for a short period of time.
2067184090Glowing EmbersGlowing Embers
2067184091Shining EmbersShining Embers
3836532901Spark of MobilitySpark of Mobility
150120988Spark of RecoverySpark of Recovery
3379205219Spark of ResilienceSpark of Resilience
1909790769Spark of DisciplineSpark of Discipline
4254674354Spark of IntellectSpark of Intellect
1388474298Spark of StrengthSpark of Strength
3596266279Glowing EmbersGlowing Embers
3596266278Shining EmbersShining Embers
2325783062Spark of MobilitySpark of Mobility
1606280379Spark of RecoverySpark of Recovery
3823183348Spark of ResilienceSpark of Resilience
58417154Spark of DisciplineSpark of Discipline
3799577115Spark of IntellectSpark of Intellect
355203433Spark of StrengthSpark of Strength


2726708666Broken BladeA Broken Blade has been claimed from the EDZ.
3255691015Broken BladeBroken Blades have been claimed from the EDZ, Throne World, and Nessus.
3369229133Hallowed GeometryAdds a hallowed geometry appearance to your transmat effects.
656925455Creeping AttritionRapid precision hits slow targets.
2467329576Tithing HarvestPrecision final blows while Creeping Attrition is active create a Stasis shard that returns to you. Collecting Stasis shards refills the magazine.
2988907973Hadopelagic TributeCollecting Stasis shards gradually overflows the magazine.

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