2820715604Icon of "Daodan Surge"Daodan SurgeMelee abilities deal more damage and recharge much faster.
1612794841Icon of "Keep It Loaded"Keep It LoadedGuardians deal increased damage with Sidearms.
3731317495Icon of "MA-75 Multipurpose"MA-75 MultipurposeGuardians deal increased damage with Auto Rifles and Grenade Launchers.
98355369Icon of "Avatara's Psyche"Avatara's PsycheSupers recharge more quickly.
3555444808Icon of "Durandal's Edge"Durandal's EdgeWhen you're holding a Sword, damage from nearby combatants is reduced.
3886813791Icon of "Contestants: The Way of the Hoof"Contestants: The Way of the HoofRound 1: Fallen Round 2: Hive Final Round: Zydron
3886813788Icon of "Contestants: Disciples of the Neigh"Contestants: Disciples of the NeighRound 1: Hive Round 2: Vex Final Round: Valus Ta'aurc
1858507384Icon of "Melee Health Increase"Melee Health IncreaseMelee units have increased health.
246176856Icon of "Rank-and-File Damage Increase"Rank-and-File Damage IncreaseRank-and-file combatants deal increased damage.
2021270369Icon of "Longer Respawns"Longer RespawnsIncreased respawn times.