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Guardian Games
Speak with Zavala about the Closing Ceremony.
Quest Step
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Backstretch Ceremony
Speak with Eva Levante at the Tower about the Guardian Games ceremony.
Quest Step
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Homestretch Ceremony
Speak with Eva Levante at the Tower about the Guardian Games ceremony.
Quest Step
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Quest step from 'The Games Begin'

Return to Eva in the Tower and purchase a Contender Card using your Laurels.

Acquire a Contender Card
Quest Step
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Quest step from 'Closing Ceremony'

Visit the Podium

Visit the Podium
Quest Step


ClassifiedMaybe: Quests

Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

ClassifiedMaybe: Quests

Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

ClassifiedMaybe: Quests

Keep it secret. Keep it safe.


Keep it secret. Keep it safe.



1984845947Icon of "Classified"ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.
3397880391Icon of "Classified"ClassifiedKeep it secret. Keep it safe.



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3325463374Icon of "Thunderlord"Thunderlord2View diff
2130065553Icon of "Arbalest"Arbalest2View diff
3260753130Icon of "Ticuu's Divination"Ticuu's Divination4View diff
3654674561Icon of "Dead Man's Tale"Dead Man's Tale2View diff
2386979999Icon of "The Scholar (Adept)"The Scholar (Adept)1View diff
276080079Icon of "Exile's Curse (Adept)"Exile's Curse (Adept)1View diff
2060863616Icon of "Salvager's Salvo"Salvager's Salvo5View diff
3460122497Icon of "Imperial Needle"Imperial Needle3View diff
2496242052Icon of "Code Duello"Code Duello2View diff
893527433Icon of "Far Future"Far Future3View diff
1097616550Icon of "Extraordinary Rendition"Extraordinary Rendition2View diff
2633186522Icon of "Shadow Price"Shadow Price1View diff
432476743Icon of "The Palindrome"The Palindrome1View diff
47772649Icon of "THE SWARM"THE SWARM1View diff
1402766122Icon of "Retrofuturist"Retrofuturist2View diff
3514096004Icon of "Eternal Blazon"Eternal Blazon1View diff
3651075426Icon of "Holless-IV"Holless-IV1View diff
3117873459Icon of "Exitus Mk.I"Exitus Mk.I1View diff


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1935198785Icon of "Omnioculus"Omnioculus2View diff
3301944824Icon of "Mantle of Battle Harmony"Mantle of Battle Harmony2View diff
2321120637Icon of "Cuirass of the Falling Star"Cuirass of the Falling Star1View diff
197672677Icon of "Pyrrhic Ascent Grasps"Pyrrhic Ascent Grasps1View diff
2540765499Icon of "Pyrrhic Ascent  Vest"Pyrrhic Ascent Vest2View diff
1322042322Icon of "Pyrrhic Ascent Cloak"Pyrrhic Ascent Cloak1View diff
1001798188Icon of "Pyrrhic Ascent Mask"Pyrrhic Ascent Mask1View diff
120441703Icon of "Pyrrhic Ascent Strides"Pyrrhic Ascent Strides1View diff
708549601Icon of "Pyrrhic Ascent Bond"Pyrrhic Ascent Bond1View diff
4161591237Icon of "Pyrrhic Ascent Hood"Pyrrhic Ascent Hood1View diff
469005214Icon of "Pyrrhic Ascent Boots"Pyrrhic Ascent Boots1View diff
1724366537Icon of "Pyrrhic Ascent Gauntlets"Pyrrhic Ascent Gauntlets1View diff
2671565007Icon of "Pyrrhic Ascent Plate"Pyrrhic Ascent Plate1View diff
48110686Icon of "Pyrrhic Ascent Mark"Pyrrhic Ascent Mark1View diff
1260563064Icon of "Pyrrhic Ascent Helm"Pyrrhic Ascent Helm1View diff
2016308379Icon of "Pyrrhic Ascent Greaves"Pyrrhic Ascent Greaves1View diff


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2272646880Icon of "Rival Warlock Shell"Rival Warlock Shell1View diff
2272646881Icon of "Rival Titan Shell"Rival Titan Shell1View diff
2272646882Icon of "Rival Hunter Shell"Rival Hunter Shell1View diff
1249788648Icon of "Shell of Gilgamesh"Shell of Gilgamesh1View diff
758112594Icon of "In Memoriam Shell"In Memoriam Shell1View diff


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2703740981Icon of ""1View diff
3162004883Icon of "Hammer of Proving"Hammer of Proving1View diff
970032349Icon of "Sign Me Up"Sign Me Up1View diff
970032348Icon of "Guardian Games Registration"Guardian Games Registration1View diff
1130149104Icon of "Hostile Territory"Hostile Territory1View diff
1478604319Icon of "Gauntlet's Chosen"Gauntlet's Chosen1View diff
3382362860Icon of "Pulled Pins and Fragmentation"Pulled Pins and Fragmentation2View diff
3382362861Icon of "Circle Back"Circle Back2View diff
2251544109Icon of "Destructive Deployment"Destructive Deployment2View diff
2251544108Icon of "With Weapon in Hand"With Weapon in Hand3View diff
130920797Icon of "Mote-vated Bombing Run"Mote-vated Bombing Run2View diff
130920796Icon of "Hero's Welcome"Hero's Welcome3View diff
1883296574Icon of "Thrown, Launched, or Otherwise"Thrown, Launched, or Otherwise2View diff
1883296575Icon of "To the Tower Crier"To the Tower Crier3View diff
2609433570Icon of ""2View diff
2609433571Icon of ""2View diff
344489854Icon of ""5View diff
590574059Icon of ""5View diff
2597249002Icon of ""4View diff
1673682491Icon of ""13View diff
3373751971Icon of ""7View diff


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179306417Icon of "Rocket Launcher Calibration"Rocket Launcher Calibration1View diff


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532530780Icon of "Contender's Banner"Contender's Banner3View diff
532530769Icon of ""5View diff


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397043529Icon of "Vita Brevis"Vita Brevis1View diff
774879414Icon of "Paradigm Shift"Paradigm Shift1View diff
1953632753Icon of "High Gravitas"High Gravitas1View diff
2710956576Icon of "Winds of Change"Winds of Change1View diff

Ghost Projection

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3065522226Icon of "Thumb Up Projection"Thumb Up Projection1View diff
3065522227Icon of "Thumb Down Projection"Thumb Down Projection1View diff


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1460578929Icon of "Clan Banner"Clan Banner1View diff
1460578928Icon of "Clan Banner"Clan Banner1View diff
1460578931Icon of "Clan Banner"Clan Banner1View diff
1460578930Icon of "Clan Banner"Clan Banner1View diff
1460578933Icon of "Clan Banner"Clan Banner1View diff
1460578932Icon of "Clan Banner"Clan Banner1View diff
1460578935Icon of "Clan Banner"Clan Banner1View diff
3479276261Icon of ""4View diff
2775954988Icon of ""4View diff
2036320425Icon of "Proving Rune I"Proving Rune I1View diff
160105600Icon of ""2View diff
3996183527Icon of ""4View diff
180478694Icon of "Classified"Classified2View diff
945492559Icon of "Classified"Classified2View diff
1073969330Icon of "Classified"Classified2View diff
2780791541Icon of "Classified"Classified2View diff
2828573993Icon of "Classified"Classified2View diff