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4096943616Icon of "Explosive Personality"Explosive Personality2View diff


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2120302383Icon of "Gumshoe Gumption Grips"Gumshoe Gumption Grips1View diff
502477449Icon of "Gumshoe Gumption Vest"Gumshoe Gumption Vest1View diff
2282780740Icon of "Gumshoe Gumption Cloak"Gumshoe Gumption Cloak1View diff
2891906302Icon of "Gumshoe Gumption Mask"Gumshoe Gumption Mask1View diff
2270345041Icon of "Gumshoe Gumption Strides"Gumshoe Gumption Strides1View diff
2479764339Icon of "Midnight Oil Gauntlets"Midnight Oil Gauntlets1View diff
2229615005Icon of "Midnight Oil Plate"Midnight Oil Plate1View diff
3691602896Icon of "Midnight Oil Mark"Midnight Oil Mark1View diff
2474203178Icon of "Midnight Oil Helmet"Midnight Oil Helmet1View diff
2214718277Icon of "Midnight Oil Greaves"Midnight Oil Greaves1View diff
674128952Icon of "Inspector's Gloves"Inspector's Gloves1View diff
3783871056Icon of "Inspector's Robes"Inspector's Robes1View diff
3135586957Icon of "Inspector's Bond"Inspector's Bond1View diff
4172753441Icon of "Inspector's Hood"Inspector's Hood1View diff
3004363890Icon of "Inspector's Boots"Inspector's Boots1View diff


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2591382989Icon of "Fulmination"Fulmination2View diff
2155312022Icon of "Chain Reaction"Chain Reaction2View diff
913332794Icon of "Ignition"Ignition2View diff
812519985Icon of "Conflagration"Conflagration2View diff
3676690659Icon of "The Hunger"The Hunger2View diff
1763600808Icon of "Insatiable"Insatiable2View diff


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787024997Icon of "A Higher Truth"A Higher Truth1View diff


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3074755706Empty Arrows Socket2View diff
1007199041Empty Barrels Socket2View diff


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71883942Icon of "Edge of Concurrence"Edge of Concurrence3View diff
1236909978Icon of "Edge of Action"Edge of Action3View diff
3245885923Icon of "Edge of Intent"Edge of Intent3View diff
3891186874Icon of "Osteo Striga"Osteo Striga3View diff
757218923Icon of "The Enigma"The Enigma3View diff
2855733397Icon of "Come to Pass"Come to Pass2View diff
138845773Icon of "Fel Taradiddle"Fel Taradiddle3View diff
2371706208Icon of "Tarnation"Tarnation3View diff
408327437Icon of "Father's Sins"Father's Sins2View diff
2139190869Icon of "Deliverance"Deliverance2View diff
4139166068Icon of "Lubrae's Ruin"Lubrae's Ruin3View diff
2275145211Icon of "Forbearance"Forbearance3View diff
2933132219Icon of "Cataclysmic"Cataclysmic3View diff
895097684Icon of "Insidious"Insidious2View diff
1727384791Icon of "Submission"Submission3View diff
4195995171Icon of "Piece of Mind"Piece of Mind2View diff
2354821643Icon of "Thoughtless"Thoughtless2View diff
2587734818Icon of "Sweet Sorrow"Sweet Sorrow2View diff
3517716296Icon of "Under Your Skin"Under Your Skin3View diff
578487175Icon of "Explosive Personality"Explosive Personality3View diff
1058494657Icon of "Recurrent Impact"Recurrent Impact2View diff
2956183123Icon of "Likely Suspect"Likely Suspect2View diff
1055778551Icon of "Red Herring"Red Herring2View diff
4117085525Icon of "Pointed Inquiry"Pointed Inquiry2View diff
2343708185Icon of "Empirical Evidence"Empirical Evidence2View diff
312678365Icon of "Forensic Nightmare"Forensic Nightmare3View diff
3363791743Icon of "Palmyra-B"Palmyra-B2View diff
3491384424Icon of "Ragnhild-D"Ragnhild-D2View diff
2335939410Icon of "Syncopation-53"Syncopation-532View diff
873720784Icon of "Revenant"Revenant3View diff
613647804Icon of "Behemoth"Behemoth3View diff
3291545503Icon of "Shadebinder"Shadebinder3View diff
2453351420Icon of "Nightstalker"Nightstalker3View diff
2842471112Icon of "Sentinel"Sentinel3View diff
2849050827Icon of "Voidwalker"Voidwalker3View diff
2124768546Icon of "Weapon Pattern"Weapon Pattern2View diff
574691988Icon of "Edge of Concurrence Pattern"Edge of Concurrence Pattern2View diff
516906256Icon of "Edge of Action Pattern"Edge of Action Pattern2View diff
98715665Icon of "Edge of Intent Pattern"Edge of Intent Pattern2View diff
3024419320Icon of "Osteo Striga"Osteo Striga2View diff
3131030715Icon of "Weapon Pattern"Weapon Pattern2View diff
1303179023Icon of "Deliverance Pattern"Deliverance Pattern2View diff
2080061410Icon of "Lubrae's Ruin Pattern"Lubrae's Ruin Pattern2View diff
4076276469Icon of "Forbearance Pattern"Forbearance Pattern2View diff
626516437Icon of "Cataclysmic Pattern"Cataclysmic Pattern2View diff
574304606Icon of "Insidious Pattern"Insidious Pattern2View diff
2325555449Icon of "Submission Pattern"Submission Pattern2View diff
522735001Icon of "Piece of Mind"Piece of Mind2View diff
2488873909Icon of "Thoughtless"Thoughtless2View diff
379483877Icon of "Explosive Personality"Explosive Personality2View diff
3296524795Icon of "Recurrent Impact"Recurrent Impact2View diff
2636480346Icon of "Under Your Skin"Under Your Skin2View diff
2575449820Icon of "Sweet Sorrow"Sweet Sorrow2View diff
4242516295Icon of "New Subclass: Sentinel"New Subclass: Sentinel3View diff
2613382003Icon of "New Subclass: Striker"New Subclass: Striker3View diff
3889496520Icon of "New Subclass: Sunbreaker"New Subclass: Sunbreaker3View diff
1009368854Icon of "New Subclass: Voidwalker"New Subclass: Voidwalker3View diff
4044254684Icon of "New Subclass: Stormcaller"New Subclass: Stormcaller3View diff
447268699Icon of "New Subclass: Dawnblade"New Subclass: Dawnblade3View diff
761133947Icon of "New Subclass: Nightstalker"New Subclass: Nightstalker3View diff
3539781415Icon of "New Subclass: Arcstrider"New Subclass: Arcstrider3View diff
2723791788Icon of "New Subclass: Gunslinger"New Subclass: Gunslinger3View diff
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26418631262View diff
14694310712View diff
21149499332View diff
38604912172View diff
16760049512View diff
11773171712View diff
30448835032View diff
6775186052View diff
37088892222View diff
24117415522View diff

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