3093511175Power HandicapView diff
2692862668View diff
2093638209View diff
1425794522View diff
527070274View diff
1302127156View diff
1302127159View diff
3163902367View diff
3310898261View diff
3310898260View diff
3310898268View diff
3078584141View diff
3078584140View diff
3260887970View diff
3910788217View diff
3260887971View diff
3260887968View diff
3260887975View diff
2711909102View diff
4039448491View diff
3455331283View diff
3467226738View diff
3467226749View diff
661929941View diff
661929943View diff
4143124338View diff
3344771987View diff
572562784View diff
3344771986View diff
3344771988View diff
3344771990View diff
3794748077View diff
3794748078View diff
1737529594View diff
1737529595View diff
3513282447View diff
3513282440View diff
4065606965View diff
252537562View diff
1218955993View diff
1628451145XP BoostView diff
1889420278View diff
2965563642View diff
819176563View diff
1335332156View diff
317302396View diff
317302397View diff
317302398View diff
317302392View diff
3845160152View diff
2650164486View diff
2650164484View diff
129527218View diff
1187657041View diff
1688250372View diff
1688250373View diff
1314410773View diff
967173649View diff
967173651View diff
967173650View diff
967173653View diff
967173654View diff
967173657View diff
967173656View diff
1616941615View diff
2650164483View diff
2650164487View diff
2317200681View diff
3455187211View diff
3617965985View diff
1098876111View diff
1372207424View diff
1417730610View diff
3184897857View diff
2686838626View diff
1307898536Wish-Dragon TeethView diff
963319556View diff
1307898537Spring-Loaded MountingView diff
4184769629View diff
4184769630View diff
4184769631View diff
1307898538View diff
707113248Synapse JunctionsView diff
1092530764View diff
707113249Probability MatrixView diff
1092677797View diff
707113250Wraithmetal MailView diff
2649770193Upgraded Sensor PackView diff
988021685View diff
988021686View diff
2649770192Hawkeye HackView diff
2061538972View diff
2649770195Relentless TrackerView diff
2062083491View diff
2062083488View diff
1943306754Illegally Modded HolsterView diff
1797441818View diff
1797441817View diff
1943306755Uncanny ArrowsView diff
1797589107View diff
1943306752Hydraulic BoostersView diff
723380204View diff
43825996Fury ConductorsView diff
3642987328View diff
43825997Horns of DoomView diff
3643134425View diff
3643134426View diff
43825998Biotic EnhancementsView diff
2569513966View diff
618667540Survival WellView diff
3379122808View diff
618667541Auto-Loading LinkView diff
2305605265View diff
618667542Sunfire FurnaceView diff
1156939741Transfusion MatrixView diff
1156939740Dreaded VisageView diff
2790774320View diff
2790774323View diff
689661430Jump JetsView diff
364893126View diff
364893125View diff
689661431Mecha HolsterView diff
365040223View diff
365040220View diff
365040221View diff
689661428Linear ActuatorsView diff
364598808View diff
364598811View diff
3438525329Helium SpiralsView diff
226282357View diff
3438525328Vampire's CaressView diff
1299902812View diff
3438525331Warlord's SigilView diff
1300344163View diff
2441420359Fusion HarnessView diff
3147103503View diff
3147103500View diff
2441420358Tome of DawnView diff
2441420357View diff
1577484736Actual GrandeurView diff
218137516View diff
1577484737Conduction TinesView diff
1577484738Cerebral UplinkView diff
1292199386View diff
1577484739Abyssal ExtractorsView diff
2845217635Strange ProtractorView diff
3603242643View diff
2845217634Alchemical EtchingsView diff
29391997Heavy Hunter ArmorView diff
640149492Mobile Hunter ArmorView diff
2883258157Survivalist Hunter ArmorView diff
3082437135Heavy Titan ArmorView diff
1054437662Mobile Titan ArmorView diff
4060674255Restorative Titan ArmorView diff
1510638018Heavy Warlock ArmorView diff
1242428023Mobile Warlock ArmorView diff
1899914236Restorative Warlock ArmorView diff
2903626301View diff
3629361163View diff
3629361160View diff
3629361161View diff
3629361166View diff
3629361167View diff
3552519857Solar Damage ResistanceView diff
3552519858Solar Damage ResistanceView diff
3552519859Solar Damage ResistanceView diff
3552519860Solar Damage ResistanceView diff
3552519861Solar Damage ResistanceView diff
1980826829Arc Damage ResistanceView diff
1980826830Arc Damage ResistanceView diff
1980826831Arc Damage ResistanceView diff
1980826824Arc Damage ResistanceView diff
1980826825Arc Damage ResistanceView diff
3853494028Void Damage ResistanceView diff
3853494031Void Damage ResistanceView diff
3853494030Void Damage ResistanceView diff
3853494025Void Damage ResistanceView diff
3853494024Void Damage ResistanceView diff
3446771716Io Scout ReportsView diff
2142339317Io Scout ReportsView diff
3356522403EDZ Scout ReportsView diff
883761826EDZ Scout ReportsView diff
3382877842Arcology Scout ReportsView diff
3944215207Arcology Scout ReportsView diff
56214340Nessus Scout ReportsView diff
4165570357Nessus Scout ReportsView diff
2775994369Bright ParagonView diff
883922648Bright ParagonView diff
1707636235Strike ParagonView diff
582107389Crucible ParagonView diff
534860348XP BoostView diff
4190281050Aura of LeadershipView diff
1818239813Aura of NightView diff
1893626548Aura of GrandeurView diff
2744522971Aura of WillView diff
1990928495EDZ Experience LogView diff
1064347710Io Experience LogView diff
1933479768Titan Experience LogView diff
1894263102Nessus Experience LogView diff
329782251Crucible Experience LogView diff
2425296638EDZ Glimmer ScavengerView diff
1916863581Io Glimmer ScavengerView diff
1400394461Titan Glimmer ScavengerView diff
2856116177Nessus Glimmer ScavengerView diff
3935848740Crucible Glimmer ScavengerView diff
3147447938EDZ ScannerView diff
4040200521Io ScannerView diff
1946260457Titan ScannerView diff
3393447213Nessus ScannerView diff
1329583752Crucible ScannerView diff
4051388481EDZ Cache DetectorView diff
2199055252Io Cache DetectorView diff
932058162Titan Cache DetectorView diff
3457795268Nessus Cache DetectorView diff
3523930524EDZ Resource DetectorView diff
707631447Io Resource DetectorView diff
263169843Titan Resource DetectorView diff
1085640235Nessus Resource DetectorView diff
1626532497Arc Weapon AnalyzerView diff
1942048138Solar Weapon AnalyzerView diff
4287983117Void Weapon AnalyzerView diff
322655718Seeker of OpulenceView diff
3246016689Seeker of BrillianceView diff
2944782064View diff
2961559651View diff
2978337238View diff
1350878542Faster CooldownView diff
3052096176Faster SummonView diff
1662439581Air ControlView diff
1997025201Improve Side BoostView diff
1890164722AutoloaderView diff
1254533267Disruption BreakView diff
259118451Disruption BreakView diff
2390693166View diff
1740005539View diff
4073514581View diff
2838112709Trench BarrelView diff
978539025Trench BarrelView diff
3527390035Auto-Loading HolsterView diff
1207795635Auto-Loading HolsterView diff
1056770387View diff
1945551642Phase MagazineView diff
1216817444Cluster BombView diff
1145135338Cluster BombView diff
4246112167Dual Speed ReceiverView diff
1613006503Dynamic Sway ReductionView diff
3947648055Dynamic Sway ReductionView diff
2212600338Field PrepView diff
3753409268Field PrepView diff
909215116Box BreathingView diff
374095170Box BreathingView diff
1047565392Whispered BreathingView diff
775274301Full Auto Trigger SystemView diff
4129999097Full Auto Trigger SystemView diff
2373823360View diff
3813884182Full Auto Trigger SystemView diff
2864161832Full Auto Trigger SystemView diff
1588815113View diff
2707741256View diff
90179018View diff
2408129136Hip-Fire GripView diff
3848259110Hip-Fire GripView diff
2763822767RampageView diff
3176690511RampageView diff
850803125Grave RobberView diff
2087376865Grave RobberView diff
82252053Backup PlanView diff
1983542337Backup PlanView diff
710860076View diff
402655312Ambitious AssassinView diff
2213597830Ambitious AssassinView diff
1747051996Firmly PlantedView diff
2497172402Firmly PlantedView diff
3046044845Pulse MonitorView diff
1090536201Pulse MonitorView diff
936014892RangefinderView diff
2813589346RangefinderView diff
3383013521QuickdrawView diff
1012681949QuickdrawView diff
975714866Moving TargetView diff
4019123988Moving TargetView diff
3458972548Snapshot SightsView diff
43713866Snapshot SightsView diff
3650690523SlideshotView diff
1938173835SlideshotView diff
392152825SlidewaysView diff
2652852405SlidewaysView diff
2279082265Zen MomentView diff
206213717Zen MomentView diff
2694573499Under PressureView diff
714111723Under PressureView diff
2750005406Kill ClipView diff
4249676672Kill ClipView diff
247254824Threat DetectorView diff
3513155566Threat DetectorView diff
1781483875Tap the TriggerView diff
4117375395Tap the TriggerView diff
2178450081Triple TapView diff
2007585037Triple TapView diff
2920138167View diff
4144877249View diff
749072835Timed PayloadView diff
2453631107Timed PayloadView diff
2666547425Explosive PayloadView diff
18293965Explosive PayloadView diff
2814919164View diff
1177583799View diff
1387094580Opening ShotView diff
2900608986Opening ShotView diff
3527000849View diff
1312726537High-Impact ReservesView diff
123297125High-Impact ReservesView diff
1704433183HeadseekerView diff
2554083231HeadseekerView diff
2445944915View diff
77836843DragonflyView diff
624870651DragonflyView diff
878025828Drop MagView diff
1118238989Disorienting GrenadesView diff
2871257419Thermoplastic GrenadesView diff
3170694395Concussion GrenadesView diff
2763134332View diff
2761353906View diff
1439090657View diff
4269820856View diff
1863966941View diff
3952308416Sticky GrenadesView diff
2017119434View diff
1907936296Adaptive FrameView diff
971817906Adaptive FrameView diff
3115518666View diff
3562839833Omolon Adaptive FrameView diff
602945154Adaptive FrameView diff
281733738Aggressive FrameView diff
988051950Aggressive FrameView diff
1811197552Aggressive FrameView diff
1491015923High-Impact FrameView diff
171400813View diff
656021262Lightweight FrameView diff
2946617881View diff
2624618324Lightweight FrameView diff
3876555824View diff
4040885430Precision FrameView diff
4158668558View diff
3114011448View diff
224136176View diff
1675041642Precision FrameView diff
2362086930Precision FrameView diff
3672760533Häkke Precision FrameView diff
2805448568Precision FrameView diff
184795616Lightweight FrameView diff
2068416136View diff
3461513319Remote DetonationView diff
2854449576Pinpoint Slug FrameView diff
2608136408Rapid-Fire FrameView diff
2133724122View diff
4128177584OutlawView diff
2558171366OutlawView diff
2248019155View diff
1950905708VEIST Rapid-FireView diff
2215194796Rapid-Fire FrameView diff
2747363862Rapid-Fire FrameView diff
3340768010View diff
322090605View diff
4195271954View diff
2117470549View diff
3970172734View diff
288273168View diff
1012228648Tireless BladeView diff
3261298926Tireless BladeView diff
355406666Relentless StrikesView diff
1641268060Relentless StrikesView diff
3075577603Whirlwind BladeView diff
212777027Whirlwind BladeView diff
4061038884En GardeView diff
2449441002En GardeView diff
2794494793Assassin's BladeView diff
2984619045Assassin's BladeView diff
3475896727View diff
2169258844View diff
2454331139View diff
1852602513View diff
1483721719Burst GuardView diff
982248248View diff
2156714520Enduring GuardView diff
294941163View diff
2102846355Balanced GuardView diff
2325035004Heavy GuardView diff
2523181609Swordmaster's GuardView diff
983157083Infinite GuardView diff
3435464613View diff
3486450016View diff
279556661View diff
2348883558View diff
3469836202View diff
863260328GenesisView diff
3658030702GenesisView diff
1873974715View diff
454745740View diff
3650230567PaydayView diff
3136749684Business TimeView diff
746028427View diff
2407654303View diff
2246450469View diff
3712552436Longest WinterView diff
3544889160Cold FusionView diff
2349040841View diff
2305067049The FundamentalsView diff
2640961053The FundamentalsView diff
1170876188View diff
2479015601View diff
3413442303Mad ScientistView diff
28230549Mechanized AutoloaderView diff
2070794926Conserve MomentumView diff
771177055View diff
3878908693ImpetusView diff
941378694Ionic ReturnView diff
3738161860View diff
1265578462ExcavationView diff
154686442View diff
3503811702Thin the HerdView diff
3885670686Delayed GratificationView diff
1731666559View diff
1925246733View diff
2379874713View diff
2824018793Volatile LightView diff
1497344756Target AcquiredView diff
4014042252Personal AssistantView diff
15807694View diff
739792140Storm and StressView diff
2428255512View diff
2607659204AccompliceView diff
3021465893View diff
622348811View diff
1331672931Together ForeverView diff
3598737726The Scientific MethodView diff
136649446Repulsor ForceView diff
621994308Shock BlastView diff
1589162545Shock BlastView diff
3848710128Long MarchView diff
3229151907Arc ConductorView diff
2593955499View diff
3273164663SuperconductorView diff
1769568498View diff
1124001212Slug RifleView diff
1318222720For the EmpireView diff
3925597867SunburnView diff
3054169111Sun BlastView diff
4096026583CosmologyView diff
3014882184View diff
2682474261View diff
518207499Black HoleView diff
1244121447MIDA SynergyView diff
2679550271View diff
1353498415MIDA Multi-ToolView diff
3267930035View diff
455680786MIDA RadarView diff
3373574401Last StandView diff
4096397695Harsh TruthsView diff
2065864010View diff
1624122418Rat PackView diff
184156847View diff
1530605369VerminView diff
1460375127View diff
3190956778InfestationView diff
57483298ChimeraView diff
381506974Pinpoint Guidance ModuleView diff
360311519View diff
1396348980Serious BusinessView diff
3894280871View diff
3201912234View diff
914737202Lethal CurrentView diff
391279001Lightning ReflexesView diff
674606208Arc StaffView diff
3165122177Six-ShooterView diff
2265198010Line 'Em UpView diff
3205500087Golden GunView diff
1960722886Vanishing StepView diff
3566763565Moebius QuiverView diff
2999301420ShadowshotView diff
3720167252Terminal VelocityView diff
2918527423TrampleView diff
113667234Fists of HavocView diff
3955302463Vulcan's RageView diff
461974996Endless SiegeView diff
3881209933Hammer of SolView diff
3170765412Ward of DawnView diff
3471252175Second ShieldView diff
3078264658Sentinel ShieldView diff
3972661583Ionic BlinkView diff
3672174820Arc SoulView diff
803974717StormtranceView diff
1887222240Icarus DashView diff
4050937691Phoenix DiveView diff
1136882502DaybreakView diff
195170165CataclysmView diff
3959434990VortexView diff
3484134371Nova BombView diff
3413782391View diff
2656018541Welcoming PartyView diff
2352765282Well-RestedView diff
2319209868Well-RestedView diff
125845892Coral RabbitView diff
2116556750Amethyst RabbitView diff
1695332408Crucible BlueView diff
2167327509Crucible GreenView diff
41990433Crucible PinkView diff
822824043Crucible WhiteView diff
1952563852Crucible GoldView diff
4236501382Guardian BlueView diff
2494400839Guardian GreenView diff
2857715371Guardian PinkView diff
3616182037Guardian WhiteView diff
2719512966Guardian GoldView diff
3279433214Arc EffectsView diff
3002772601Solar EffectsView diff
1411660932Void EffectsView diff
1382034859Ghost BlueView diff
1076042624Ghost GreenView diff
3809827712Ghost PinkView diff
1085673014Ghost WhiteView diff
2432345279Ghost GoldView diff
2007525796View diff
3794132046Cabal ArrivalView diff
1384739545Fallen ArrivalView diff
2737467165Hive ArrivalView diff
837101802Taken ArrivalView diff
1582081666Vex ArrivalView diff
2085780563View diff
3419465265Aeon EnergyView diff
2783764129View diff
3250718083MisdirectionView diff
2524330445Aeon EnergyView diff
1890576197View diff
4118062772Solar RampartView diff
3948976104View diff
2042823196Aeon EnergyView diff
2764005360View diff
2253303044Planetary TorrentView diff
566701208View diff
101636472View diff
4193101206New TricksView diff
2911827366View diff
2037969167Vanishing ShadowView diff
1971859103View diff
2876952819Starless NightView diff
2455681852Seriously, Watch OutView diff
237433488View diff
2297597519Cobra TotemicView diff
1842566239View diff
3027624734Dearly DepartedView diff
24429794View diff
2891076146View diff
1796472574Empowering LargesseView diff
1174422549Radiant LargesseView diff
972251936Embraced LargesseView diff
3132276681Striking HandView diff
2926901414Shielding HandView diff
2782747045Giving HandView diff
1240646492Power OverwhelmingView diff
1358461821EnergizedView diff
1483047515Emperor's ShockView diff
731838336Emperor's BlazeView diff
1912203579Emperor's BalanceView diff
1691324203Inspiring PresenceView diff
2597632714Inspiring PresenceView diff
1356038308Mercury Scout ReportsView diff
291043989Mercury Scout ReportsView diff
2885941314Three of CoinsView diff
4187948009Gift GiverView diff
1356227672Inspiring PresenceView diff
2155943625Shepherd's PresenceView diff
4223196748Mercury Cache DetectorView diff
3497783185Mercury Glimmer ScavengerView diff
444176789Mercury ScannerView diff
3273820971Mercury Resource DetectorView diff
3404518646Mercury Experience LogView diff
321747180Strike Glimmer ScavengerView diff
1631521800Vanguard ScannerView diff
3255802493Vanguard Operations Experience LogView diff
1386211404Improved Mercury Cache DetectorView diff
625724081Improved Io Cache DetectorView diff
2191768888Improved EDZ Cache DetectorView diff
2126983845Improved Titan Cache DetectorView diff
4159401325Improved Nessus Cache DetectorView diff
2166113290Mercury Combo DetectorView diff
3930709013Io Combo DetectorView diff
1262299750EDZ Combo DetectorView diff
597176805Titan Combo DetectorView diff
416370537Nessus Combo DetectorView diff
852026130Improved Arc AnalyzerView diff
2793203017Improved Solar AnalyzerView diff
610197892Improved Void AnalyzerView diff
2457096233Guiding LightView diff
4042719187Public DefenderView diff
2664460334Omni-TelemetryView diff
4202137050Banshee's FavoriteView diff
1531695854Treasure HunterView diff
2520814824You're WelcomeView diff
3966344912Scion of MercuryView diff
925084865Speed DemonView diff
3239295560View diff
4097792312View diff
1559694379Seeker of BrillianceView diff
4069516120Seeker of OpulenceView diff
2576906170Prismatic InfernoView diff
2996288086View diff
3714532150Flame RefractionView diff
1925722019Banned WeaponView diff
3397006041Cruel RemedyView diff
1693851625View diff
715036282The Fate of All FoolsView diff
2595636706View diff
73069235Unplanned ReprieveView diff
2381284891Harbinger's PulseView diff
1949829343Insectoid Robot GrenadesView diff
591346668Serve the ColonyView diff
1592974933Silver BeamView diff
2735889040Gold BeamView diff
88312711Green BeamView diff
3461255240Purple BeamView diff
3489483296Silver SpotlightView diff
1209506097Yellow SpotlightView diff
2702611850Green SpotlightView diff
3480220703Purple SpotlightView diff
3481944850Pink Class SigilView diff
2964071558Yellow Class SigilView diff
3582071367Green Class SigilView diff
1156944392Purple Class SigilView diff
580591551Reflection EffectsView diff
1991886613Stolen LightView diff
3824608965Traveler's WakeView diff
556934906Vex Invasion EffectsView diff
3577918225Frozen SphereView diff
4257615963Silver Dawning LanternView diff
2835279772Yellow Dawning LanternView diff
273234853Green Dawning LanternView diff
3020240722Purple Dawning LanternView diff
3508240003Color VariantsView diff
293625600Color VariantsView diff
3239791329Color VariantsView diff
2574252215Color VariantsView diff
1816793269Guardian EffectsView diff
3074053290Ghost EffectsView diff
1678164119Crucible EffectsView diff
993349869Rabbit EffectsView diff
365674150Beam EffectsView diff
2578324127Spotlight EffectsView diff
2510395969Class Sigil EffectsView diff
3170008216Lantern EffectsView diff
2504630208Scissor FingersView diff
3269884705View diff
4171590257Burning SoulsView diff
2364971387Nightmare FuelView diff
815011565Rapid CooldownView diff
1713379190View diff
4113855450Bring the HeatView diff
507990744View diff
4113855451Burning FistsView diff
3631197147View diff
2628316339And Another ThingView diff
4197395956ResoluteView diff
3427096445View diff
362033873Blood MagicView diff
3377200994View diff
537180118The Fourth MagicView diff
1034266085View diff
1034266084View diff
1687010500The WhispersView diff
3011167349InsatiableView diff
1904119622View diff
3095303096Hellas Basin Scout ReportsView diff
3946031073Hellas Basin Scout ReportsView diff
1863423049The Perfect FifthView diff
564948618View diff
4067532283Ride the BullView diff
749652528View diff
832124207Bull RiderView diff
3703952997TesseractView diff
4131810985Another DimensionView diff
86435221View diff
4172868109SUROS LegacyView diff
23432318View diff
1067786728SUROS AscendanceView diff
156121479Spinning UpView diff
3460198500Dual Speed ReceiverView diff
1590083654DornröschenView diff
1203033063View diff
3335256875Deeper PocketsView diff
2855347008Accelerated CoilsView diff
2896783797White NailView diff
4602482View diff
3562231887MulliganView diff
4202105443Hidden HandView diff
2565671920Deeper PocketsView diff
886374680Aggressive FrameView diff
310790189Pinpoint Slug FrameView diff
2708308547DesperadoView diff
584450563DesperadoView diff
808373257View diff
2565263280View diff
3944295128Worm God IncarnationView diff
3944295129Plesiohedral StateView diff
3944295130AI-COM/RSPN: REBOOTView diff
3944295131Celebrate NewnessView diff
3142462730Hellas Basin Cache DetectorView diff
423641113Hellas Basin Glimmer ScavengerView diff
3039536189Hellas Basin ScannerView diff
3356228511Hellas Basin Resource DetectorView diff
2489071480Hellas Basin Experience LogView diff
2884587710Improved Hellas Basin Cache DetectorView diff
3176697486Hellas Basin Combo DetectorView diff
2747536311Arc Glow PackView diff
3835936068Solar Glow PackView diff
2777578909Void Glow PackView diff
65145677Arc Aligned—Rank 1View diff
65145678Arc Aligned—Rank 2View diff
65145679Arc Aligned—Rank 3View diff
65145672Arc Aligned—Rank 4View diff
65145673Arc Aligned—Rank 5View diff
379017510Solar Aligned—Rank 1View diff
379017509Solar Aligned—Rank 2View diff
379017508Solar Aligned—Rank 3View diff
379017507Solar Aligned—Rank 4View diff
379017506Solar Aligned—Rank 5View diff
425262945Void Aligned—Rank 1View diff
425262946Void Aligned—Rank 2View diff
425262947Void Aligned—Rank 3View diff
425262948Void Aligned—Rank 4View diff
425262949Void Aligned—Rank 5View diff
2049097277Sharp EdgesView diff
1176857621View diff
2049097276Adamantine BraceView diff
625380752View diff
1831946179Double DodgeView diff
1831946178Roving AssassinView diff
3944437150View diff
3453944649Ursine GuardView diff
975219865View diff
4045568213View diff
319503687View diff
2990141176VengeanceView diff
3577096500View diff
1759358543Overflowing LightView diff
2758243423View diff
3745886491Reflective VentsView diff
1598353267View diff
579914201View diff
3655775672Chaotic ExchangerView diff
520804468View diff
649172688Crystalline TransistorView diff
649172689Battle-HearthView diff
1691043314Close EnoughView diff
1061593646View diff
2016048021Deprecated PerkView diff
3667568049View diff
2726583098View diff
2726583099View diff
801182499Deprecated PerkView diff
1054224979View diff
1080692024View diff
1080692025View diff
1987960942Deprecated PerkView diff
2102620754View diff
1177978985View diff
1177978984View diff
3945521188Deprecated PerkView diff
2122117452View diff
187964055View diff
187964054View diff
1218642524Deprecated PerkView diff
2804333876View diff
2937054495View diff
2937054494View diff
2807980965Deprecated PerkView diff
1754986113View diff
965786122View diff
965786123View diff
2799733883Deprecated PerkView diff
2428438267View diff
395281120View diff
395281121View diff
2240668138Deprecated PerkView diff
380739326View diff
1763256909View diff
1763256908View diff
3610087328Deprecated PerkView diff
3052725208View diff
3003745419View diff
3003745418View diff
1195090969Deprecated PerkView diff
391720533View diff
1026482342View diff
1026482343View diff
2543567868Deprecated PerkView diff
35667604View diff
3788370367View diff
3788370366View diff
3772933282Deprecated PerkView diff
2991535046View diff
577996117View diff
577996116View diff
1540965857Deprecated PerkView diff
2268147245View diff
4055513854View diff
4055513855View diff
4081622962Deprecated PerkView diff
865547094View diff
2372353829View diff
2372353828View diff
4248527804Deprecated PerkView diff
1743217075Deprecated PerkView diff
1981133147Deprecated PerkView diff
2886770345Deprecated PerkView diff
4012809185Deprecated PerkView diff
3533374104Deprecated PerkView diff
1218146070Deprecated PerkView diff
1949146116Deprecated PerkView diff
3023771631Deprecated PerkView diff
1170884705Deprecated PerkView diff
35475790Deprecated PerkView diff
3333859024Deprecated PerkView diff
6243759Deprecated PerkView diff
3458285544Deprecated PerkView diff
4048777202Deprecated PerkView diff
3553446169Deprecated PerkView diff
3728752970Deprecated PerkView diff
184637633Deprecated PerkView diff
1837489963Deprecated PerkView diff
509960538Deprecated PerkView diff
3875200939Deprecated PerkView diff
2675658768Deprecated PerkView diff
129556442Deprecated PerkView diff
2727038637Deprecated PerkView diff
447622382Deprecated PerkView diff
877792908Deprecated PerkView diff
2268602968Deprecated PerkView diff
3263821504Deprecated PerkView diff
3656109423Deprecated PerkView diff
2587871655Deprecated PerkView diff
2040217562Deprecated PerkView diff
402742100Deprecated PerkView diff
1015425913Deprecated PerkView diff
1126117618Deprecated PerkView diff
508571393Deprecated PerkView diff
658468746Deprecated PerkView diff
3107102819Deprecated PerkView diff
1805919436Deprecated PerkView diff
815918503Deprecated PerkView diff
1066728522Deprecated PerkView diff
2513387341Deprecated PerkView diff
1313962314Deprecated PerkView diff
295986338Deprecated PerkView diff
2250246656Deprecated PerkView diff
28098863Deprecated PerkView diff
2609796034Deprecated PerkView diff
690309401Deprecated PerkView diff
872916422Deprecated PerkView diff
1837889056Deprecated PerkView diff
1188246484Deprecated PerkView diff
3455903660Deprecated PerkView diff
3682835063Deprecated PerkView diff
453220159Deprecated PerkView diff
2046338928Deprecated PerkView diff
3391109186Deprecated PerkView diff
195431424Deprecated PerkView diff
3225473258Deprecated PerkView diff
3105549866Deprecated PerkView diff
3061811501Deprecated PerkView diff
200380011Deprecated PerkView diff
1055661330Deprecated PerkView diff
797818833Deprecated PerkView diff
819498489Deprecated PerkView diff
182550250Deprecated PerkView diff
301340255Deprecated PerkView diff
1302234066Deprecated PerkView diff
422180764Deprecated PerkView diff
3487774805Deprecated PerkView diff
2016079020Deprecated PerkView diff
3642271096Deprecated PerkView diff
3382250546Deprecated PerkView diff
1266233587Deprecated PerkView diff
577173781Deprecated PerkView diff
1695353619Deprecated PerkView diff
1306004066Deprecated PerkView diff
1885285654Deprecated PerkView diff
3569595883Deprecated PerkView diff
3913727052Deprecated PerkView diff
3257341201Deprecated PerkView diff
337511166Deprecated PerkView diff
1768108358Deprecated PerkView diff
1747030108Deprecated PerkView diff
2527443927Deprecated PerkView diff
1687705252Deprecated PerkView diff
1996606646Deprecated PerkView diff
2830191999Deprecated PerkView diff
1338980117Deprecated PerkView diff
3341701079Deprecated PerkView diff
1833655558Deprecated PerkView diff
2917140422Deprecated PerkView diff
2211293248Deprecated PerkView diff
874629709Deprecated PerkView diff
1772547752Deprecated PerkView diff
2843159437Deprecated PerkView diff
3389326311Deprecated PerkView diff
2219956554Deprecated PerkView diff
442581401Deprecated PerkView diff
3823862808Deprecated PerkView diff
1232061066Deprecated PerkView diff
4209054465Deprecated PerkView diff
2438495014Deprecated PerkView diff
2239139238Deprecated PerkView diff
296302959Deprecated PerkView diff
1232913670Deprecated PerkView diff
3709470130Deprecated PerkView diff
4069811748Deprecated PerkView diff
4244912311Deprecated PerkView diff
1585006239Deprecated PerkView diff
1342457321Deprecated PerkView diff
752696232Deprecated PerkView diff
1166865813Deprecated PerkView diff
2486381770Deprecated PerkView diff
916017380Deprecated PerkView diff
702730591Deprecated PerkView diff
70860098Deprecated PerkView diff
829204058Deprecated PerkView diff
827936821Deprecated PerkView diff
3828660931Deprecated PerkView diff
3643928281Deprecated PerkView diff
2668780636Deprecated PerkView diff
3768344045Deprecated PerkView diff
645031402Deprecated PerkView diff
3402415419Deprecated PerkView diff
3742190714Deprecated PerkView diff
776388125Deprecated PerkView diff
3679524584Deprecated PerkView diff
3815856049Deprecated PerkView diff
1376790581Deprecated PerkView diff
3084431319Deprecated PerkView diff
3159222114Deprecated PerkView diff
2246030661Deprecated PerkView diff
4145697113Deprecated PerkView diff
3116717848Deprecated PerkView diff
558892442Deprecated PerkView diff
256851367Deprecated PerkView diff
3293909674Deprecated PerkView diff
1373986908Deprecated PerkView diff
3242781922Deprecated PerkView diff
3712264579Taken ArmamentsView diff
3479265162Taken InvigorationView diff
1205113045Taken BarrierView diff
1792873490Taken RepurposingView diff
1559079026Deprecated PerkView diff
3357177640Deprecated PerkView diff
718603205Prime AttunementView diff
781097776View diff
2971606971Pure Matterglass LensView diff
1534251906Finest MatterweaveView diff
1872147107View diff
4025092710RainmakerView diff
3275051284Tangled Shore Experience LogView diff
4146504890Dreaming City Experience LogView diff
1357892657Gambit Experience LogView diff
514237879Tangled Shore Glimmer ScavengerView diff
3877890625Dreaming City Glimmer ScavengerView diff
2223078480Gambit Glimmer ScavengerView diff
2287660107Tangled Shore ScannerView diff
1286791349Dreaming City ScannerView diff
3840256029Tangled Shore Resource DetectorView diff
1210272571Dreaming City Resource DetectorView diff
1148695102Tangled Shore Cache DetectorView diff
2426842826Improved Tangled Shore Cache DetectorView diff
3044571080Dreaming City Cache DetectorView diff
3691394352Improved Dreaming City Cache DetectorView diff
157703400Tangled Shore Combo DetectorView diff
3755500238Dreaming City Combo DetectorView diff
819903754DestabilizersView diff
2175119851Taegeuk FormView diff
66516646Corrupt EtherView diff
66516647Reef AwokenView diff
66516644Reef ShimmerView diff
66516645Reef OracleView diff
2925712934View diff
3938585811Double FireView diff
3327966105Aggressive BurstView diff
810171483Aggressive BurstView diff
682617678Aggressive FrameView diff
1895950810Explosive ShadowView diff
2330020553Big BoomView diff
3870354865Ahamkara's EyeView diff
2539378374View diff
838224349Unforeseen RepercussionsView diff
3673427241Four-Headed DogView diff
2826965883View diff
1909621469Memento MoriView diff
1666906631Crow's WingsView diff
1548846932Precision SlugView diff
3427281605The RoadbornView diff
2749838780Spread Shot PackageView diff
2264837439Taken PredatorView diff
161751346View diff
302029822Wire RifleView diff
2084279142View diff
3085148320Wire RifleView diff
1430763932View diff
1975281065View diff
1351998384Harmonic LaserView diff
942720918Supercharged BatteryView diff
1296385316View diff
3295708521View diff
3540868727Lightning RodView diff
3581145538Split ElectronView diff
3005421502View diff
2730598841View diff
2417241743Shrapnel LauncherView diff
4182235491Release the WolvesView diff
3201246642Tracking ModuleView diff
3867466132Tracking ModuleView diff
316432498Taken SpecView diff
2511923397Explosive HeadView diff
2600980241Explosive HeadView diff
2978429426BroadheadView diff
2344683056Queen's WrathView diff
1317095958Precision FrameView diff
251151906Lightweight FrameView diff
381391934Archer's TempoView diff
4111707040Archer's TempoView diff
1334394070TwintailsView diff
206286227Play with Your PreyView diff
909145288View diff
1209072696Sneak BowView diff
3160450206Sneak BowView diff
4024064276FireflyView diff
1503823731View diff
2553410521View diff
983395179Magnificent HowlView diff
4136687020Fourth Time's the CharmView diff
2556083170Fourth Time's the CharmView diff
300203516View diff
1984731949Icarus GripView diff
1062367717Freehand GripView diff
1490476358Boss SpecView diff
319695372Counterbalance StockView diff
3839107896Major SpecView diff
4081752884Minor SpecView diff
3796069104Radar TunerView diff
1458927779Targeting AdjusterView diff
628072539Backup MagView diff
4215153072Rapid HitView diff
442434790Rapid HitView diff
3799920402View diff
3799920401View diff
3799920400View diff
3799920407View diff
3799920406View diff
3799920405View diff
3799920404View diff
3799920411View diff
3799920410View diff
3783142816View diff
2954419929View diff
1537914584Fistfuls of BulletsView diff
3235408532View diff
4202535579View diff
3623099938Master of ArmsView diff
2227245818View diff
4001866491Reservoir BurstView diff
2470282411Reservoir BurstView diff
1962941874View diff
2222164818OnslaughtView diff
1718750057Archer's TempoView diff
3368836162Chaos ReachView diff
3247948194Nova WarpView diff
1267155257Well of RadianceView diff
2236497009Whirlwind GuardView diff
4099200371Spectral BladesView diff
2041340886Blade BarrageView diff
3326771373ThundercrashView diff
3112248479Banner ShieldView diff
2401205106Burning MaulView diff
1848503524Mugunghwa LegionView diff
3604231490Wish Granter's PresenceView diff
1462173523Precision Kill Ability RechargeView diff
3833502575Airborne Damage ResistanceView diff
1190464934Damage Increase IView diff
1190464935Damage Increase IIView diff
2108957035Terror Slayer IView diff
2108957034Terror Slayer IIView diff
2980325777Elite Slayer IView diff
2980325776Elite Slayer IIView diff
511210196View diff
2010243965Health RegenerationView diff
2364811786Heavy Ammo FinderView diff
1668703690SoulsknotView diff
1668703691ArachnophileView diff
2010576748Reign HavocView diff
2026681315View diff
3804434818Lightning RoundsView diff
2150078684View diff
1829924751View diff
2551856714Feeding FrenzyView diff
1625457756Feeding FrenzyView diff
1579842334Charge ShotView diff
808770310View diff
2696394500Arc TrapsView diff
1418314588View diff
2692212921Fan FireView diff
1667991545View diff
3374262135View diff
2899120133View diff
2159497683Poison ArrowsView diff
4114351468View diff
1963396563View diff
1986180614View diff
250262009Honed EdgeView diff
2409900926Honed EdgeView diff
3301395926View diff
1242294667View diff
2962302002View diff
2446171082Air AssaultView diff
1374764252Air AssaultView diff
3709590840Micro-MissileView diff
2930215615Shield DisorientView diff
3375720321Rampage SpecView diff
232022920Dragonfly SpecView diff
3055623743Sprint GripView diff
2540544291Surrounded SpecView diff
1605461447Quick Access SlingView diff
293643416Radar BoosterView diff
262795950View diff
3543450539Rapid-Fire FrameView diff
2161792065Disruption BreakView diff
1005150509Disruption BreakView diff
3834088483Trench BarrelView diff
2701125091Trench BarrelView diff
4032783593MulliganView diff
710732869MulliganView diff
128516240View diff
3387941196Deprecated PerkView diff
3101627057Deprecated PerkView diff
3817627572Deprecated PerkView diff
3304805237Deprecated PerkView diff
1085985516Deprecated PerkView diff
3561942030Deprecated PerkView diff
2823656718Deprecated PerkView diff
1879139375Deprecated PerkView diff
2105265507Deprecated PerkView diff
3188571908Deprecated PerkView diff
528627564View diff
54696439View diff
54696438View diff
3848481771The Past UnearthedView diff
3848481770Guiding LightView diff
3848481769Signal ProcessedView diff
3848481768Only the FinestView diff
4120629923Shower of GiftsView diff
4120629922Howling BlizzardView diff
473840314Cold and BrightView diff
473840315Shining WinterView diff
912515804Happy DawningView diff
1024894484Dawning DareView diff
1092719892Stealth RunningView diff
1321977942Dynamic DuoView diff
2617558202View diff
1325360087Clenched FistView diff
3590631239View diff
553524109View diff
389988615View diff
3635298819Cross CounterView diff
926434395View diff
1227103209Collector +1View diff
1227103208Collector +2View diff
1227103211Collector +3View diff
1642376777Sentry +1View diff
1642376776Sentry +2View diff
1642376779Sentry +3View diff
624734399Invader +1View diff
624734398Invader +2View diff
624734397Invader +3View diff
690109921Reaper +1View diff
690109920Reaper +2View diff
690109923Reaper +3View diff
311982944View diff
1197064025View diff
77578076View diff
1438994733View diff
3571130494View diff
648203873View diff
1781619530View diff
567507883View diff
1299822306View diff
1737493950View diff
789365437View diff
4154482524View diff
2807834077View diff
3851499501View diff
3213469417View diff
2627676295View diff
1811055642View diff
995250294View diff
3208468758View diff
4226145264View diff
2876377806View diff
3514005174View diff
3431125580Major ResistView diff
606277696Minor ResistView diff
3641154144Boss ResistView diff
1265263391View diff
3948022968Collector SynthView diff
3552598030Sentry SynthView diff
1691570586Invader SynthView diff
889896758Reaper SynthView diff
2213188160Effect lasts for 30 minutes.View diff
3584011122Mark of the DevourerView diff
890406616Soul DevourerView diff
1732884674The Corruption SpreadsView diff
2412573914View diff
900033685Disease VectorView diff
481188932ParasitismView diff
591985846Compounding ForceView diff
2580214150View diff
549294277View diff
3217048736MeganeuraView diff
1859137996View diff
1552559776Full CourtView diff
4269815798Full CourtView diff
3426439907SubsistenceView diff
767026723SubsistenceView diff
245017107View diff
838780105Shattering BladeView diff
374284927One-Two PunchView diff
1765748607One-Two PunchView diff
3884401499Firing LineView diff
2463318027Firing LineView diff
3731404321View diff
531639838SwashbucklerView diff
3159413760SwashbucklerView diff
4030746763Multikill ClipView diff
786168411Multikill ClipView diff
819518955View diff
4265500682Killing TallyView diff
1118505854OverflowView diff
367388000OverflowView diff
4120345915DemolitionistView diff
1199262059DemolitionistView diff
2252751995View diff
1656555819View diff
1732988296DragonflyView diff
4205488720View diff
1723139240View diff
1723139241View diff
4005730685View diff
4005730684View diff
1612558791Move to SurviveView diff
1890715543View diff
1266509953Peregrine StrikeView diff
1855125649View diff
3809014047View diff
1955723517Touch of VenomView diff
4004318549View diff
1213134803View diff
685137409View diff
4126926233Deprecated PerkView diff
4020938449Deprecated PerkView diff
3213167224Deprecated PerkView diff
3627900411Deprecated PerkView diff
3541044568Deprecated PerkView diff
631751585Prototype TrueseekerView diff
2336982821View diff
3457778750String of CursesView diff
2786252262View diff
1947046662View diff
1665736367Noble RoundsView diff
1845128423View diff
1845128420View diff
705962459View diff
3603786409Grenades and HorseshoesView diff
3456656286UnderdogView diff
3667513913Eye of the StormView diff
936031093Eye of the StormView diff
3847840073No DistractionsView diff
1572765221No DistractionsView diff
3835132082Energy TransferView diff
1646334612Energy TransferView diff
2167622213CounterattackView diff
2227868561CounterattackView diff
4185462686Explosive LightView diff
2879205504Explosive LightView diff
472834336Reversal of FortuneView diff
2691069460Vorpal WeaponView diff
3453534266Vorpal WeaponView diff
113389597Funeral PyreView diff
1338903817View diff
578483750Peerless EdgeView diff
3952396069Unending CurseView diff
3647291354Archer's GambitView diff
2309586306View diff
1048905157Together ForeverView diff
676892469MIDA SynergyView diff
2061118147Ravenous BeastView diff
1348597043View diff
1311501194Bottomless AppetiteView diff
3387450203Blessing of the SkyView diff
1517633464Darkblade EffectsView diff
1517633465Eldritch EffectsView diff
1517633466Minotaur EffectsView diff
1517633467Loot Chest EffectsView diff
1517633468Tiger EffectsView diff
4158098405Beach Ball EffectsView diff
4158098404Sandcastle EffectsView diff
2690172198Intellect ModView diff
3235178396Discipline ModView diff
1247690169Strength ModView diff
1529760605Mobility ModView diff
3401516887Recovery ModView diff
1348768469Resilience ModView diff
1019587644Transcendent BlessingView diff
2225856214Riven's CurseView diff
1949145324Arc Damage ResistanceView diff
3109252913Solar Damage ResistanceView diff
20057580Void Damage ResistanceView diff
1694154443View diff
48909381Major ResistView diff
2037917241Minor ResistView diff
1276379479Boss ResistView diff
848195546Primary Ammo FinderView diff
1814613977Special Ammo FinderView diff
3040508469Heavy Ammo FinderView diff
934997322Auto Rifle Ammo FinderView diff
3491208060Bow Ammo FinderView diff
4189062028Bow Ammo FinderView diff
1795633719Fusion Rifle Ammo FinderView diff
1231327191View diff
2212244921Grenade Launcher Ammo FinderView diff
98855809View diff
202255598View diff
2886812929Hand Cannon Ammo FinderView diff
348742605Hand Cannon Ammo FinderView diff
3995522216Machine Gun Ammo FinderView diff
1211006986Linear Fusion Rifle Ammo FinderView diff
1846436266View diff
3051121628Pulse Rifle Ammo FinderView diff
4211181811Rocket Launcher Ammo FinderView diff
4240493653Scout Rifle Ammo FinderView diff
119803070Shotgun Ammo FinderView diff
1817735158View diff
64336105Sidearm Ammo FinderView diff
3460462731Submachine Gun Ammo FinderView diff
4109751990Sniper Rifle Ammo FinderView diff
3909935774View diff
3553498179Sword Ammo FinderView diff
2915441716Trace Rifle Ammo FinderView diff
1009950033Kinetic Weapon TargetingView diff
2762196044Energy Weapon TargetingView diff
801933373Power Weapon TargetingView diff
1214450477Precision Weapon TargetingView diff
1241384850Scatter Projectile TargetingView diff
3106356354Auto Rifle TargetingView diff
73693178Bow TargetingView diff
2378153449Enhanced Bow TargetingView diff
2962356561Fusion Rifle TargetingView diff
2053957929Hand Cannon TargetingView diff
4246214634Machine Gun TargetingView diff
930750146Enhanced Hand Cannon TargetingView diff
2451884225Linear Fusion Rifle TargetingView diff
3256445430Enhanced Linear Fusion TargetingView diff
3005283598Pulse Rifle TargetingView diff
1374092367Scout Rifle TargetingView diff
2463660844Shotgun TargetingView diff
3450057945Sidearm TargetingView diff
613246291Submachine Gun TargetingView diff
2810401314Sniper Rifle TargetingView diff
1532751579Enhanced Sniper Rifle TargetingView diff
13526844FastballView diff
1230566498Impact InductionView diff
4194652632Momentum TransferView diff
1619763766Auto Rifle LoaderView diff
1649302364Bow ReloaderView diff
625556171Fusion Rifle LoaderView diff
241209169Grenade Launcher LoaderView diff
862889033Hand Cannon LoaderView diff
254307568Machine Gun LoaderView diff
364323953Linear Fusion Rifle LoaderView diff
1300816460Pulse Rifle LoaderView diff
47235935Rocket Launcher LoaderView diff
379525077Scout Rifle LoaderView diff
2900725778Shotgun LoaderView diff
2880185409Sidearm LoaderView diff
15407015Submachine Gun LoaderView diff
1410124154Sniper Rifle LoaderView diff
2428985743Auto Rifle DexterityView diff
1641218161Bow DexterityView diff
2611962512Fusion Rifle DexterityView diff
1343295170Grenade Launcher DexterityView diff
2138475642Hand Cannon DexterityView diff
4264069269Machine Gun DexterityView diff
3790396642Linear Fusion DexterityView diff
3625956609Pulse Rifle DexterityView diff
1191517412Rocket Launcher DexterityView diff
877722646Scout Rifle DexterityView diff
2572031835Shotgun DexterityView diff
2617616850Sidearm DexterityView diff
1690812396Submachine Gun DexterityView diff
1073907939Sniper Rifle DexterityView diff
3795081406Auto Rifle ReservesView diff
1638953350Bow ReservesView diff
2411920125Fusion Rifle ReservesView diff
793279109Hand Cannon ReservesView diff
343075638Machine Gun ReservesView diff
1605569603Grenade Launcher ReservesView diff
2005376396Linear Fusion Rifle ReservesView diff
3972509658Pulse Rifle ReservesView diff
1105555203Rocket Launcher ReservesView diff
118431805Scout Rifle ReservesView diff
1320627136Shotgun ReservesView diff
4110298037Sidearm ReservesView diff
2326094887Submachine Gun ReservesView diff
3510447126Sniper Rifle ReservesView diff
2869567487Sword ReservesView diff
2541854201Unflinching Kinetic AimView diff
3150240104Unflinching Energy AimView diff
2929923689Unflinching Power AimView diff
1733072613Unflinching Light Arms AimView diff
856824665Unflinching Rifle AimView diff
3316971533Unflinching Large ArmsView diff
1257279198Unflinching Auto Rifle AimView diff
215333664Unflinching Bow AimView diff
1695138685Enhanced Unflinching Bow AimView diff
703518291Unflinching Fusion Rifle AimView diff
2996903669Unflinching Grenade Launcher AimView diff
3069189053Unflinching Hand Cannon AimView diff
719648124Unflinching Machine GunView diff
3630710333Unflinching Linear Fusion AimView diff
3531931980Enhanced Unflinching Linear Fusion AimView diff
1270377304Unflinching Pulse Rifle AimView diff
1033816001Unflinching Scout Rifle AimView diff
2273224164Enhanced Unflinching Scout Rifle AimView diff
2258431418Unflinching Shotgun AimView diff
3879288949Unflinching Sidearm AimView diff
2645728866Unflinching Sniper AimView diff
870769501Enhanced Unflinching Sniper AimView diff
179365695Unflinching Submachine Gun AimView diff
1507865696Breach RefractorView diff
3007491521Health OverloadView diff
1753847886Disruptor SpikeView diff
3604027334Ballistic ComboView diff
4223417965Unstoppable MeleeView diff
2648846626Overload GrenadesView diff
1523819442View diff
1722101336Auto Rifle ScavengerView diff
2631606450Arrow ScavengerView diff
1157642177Fusion Rifle ScavengerView diff
3651517971Grenade Launcher ScavengerView diff
3036253615Hand Cannon ScavengerView diff
3201059750Machine Gun ScavengerView diff
2692754728Linear Fusion Rifle ScavengerView diff
4103534502Pulse Rifle ScavengerView diff
2028421517Rocket Launcher ScavengerView diff
3418525239Scout Rifle ScavengerView diff
3269717136Shotgun ScavengerView diff
340565571Sidearm ScavengerView diff
1011519776View diff
2662749045Submachine Gun ScavengerView diff
1268836044Sniper Rifle ScavengerView diff
1924570797Sword ScavengerView diff
1247473855RecuperationView diff
1063425490Better AlreadyView diff
3409205334InnervationView diff
251562460InvigorationView diff
3440283041InsulationView diff
3526655639AbsolutionView diff
2471214772Heavy LiftingView diff
4027810847Enhanced Heavy LiftingView diff
963883069Ashes to AssetsView diff
113276266Enhanced Ashes to AssetsView diff
3006775211Hands-OnView diff
1257152208Remote ConnectionView diff
2822652641Pump ActionView diff
38980907Light ReactorView diff
4082813821DistributionView diff
1263182960PerpetuationView diff
1430288496OutreachView diff
1052631070BomberView diff
1126483445Enhanced BomberView diff
3790493461DynamoView diff
3584004654Special FinisherView diff
491686626Heavy FinisherView diff
2664988325Bulwark FinisherView diff
4110447755One-Two FinisherView diff
4114436845Explosive FinisherView diff
2590037760Healthy FinisherView diff
2677449002Snapload FinisherView diff
3626845877Thunder CoilView diff
142038378View diff
1820850888From the DepthsView diff
858414360View diff
2595307635Oppressive DarknessView diff
3563335937Arc BatteryView diff
376672088View diff
2038212902View diff
1717552865View diff
1482414918View diff
3593704661View diff
2411752689View diff
431438971View diff
239085659View diff
739508581Nightmare BanisherView diff
204440950Enhanced Nightmare BanisherView diff
204440951Supreme Nightmare BanisherView diff
739508580Nightmare CrusherView diff
886862543Enhanced Nightmare CrusherView diff
886862542Supreme Nightmare CrusherView diff
739508583Nightmare BreakerView diff
581915908Enhanced Nightmare BreakerView diff
581915909Supreme Nightmare BreakerView diff
739508582Dreambane ModView diff
3085460626Relay DefenderView diff
1954125433Voltaic Mote CollectorView diff
1918821700Resistant TetherView diff
3176405987Voltaic Ammo CollectorView diff
2741637230Enhanced Relay DefenderView diff
402950151Enhanced Voltaic Mote CollectorView diff
4125894156Enhanced Resistant TetherView diff
4235970533Enhanced Voltaic Ammo CollectorView diff
3223461414Vanishing ExecutionView diff
3458383069Beacons of EmpowermentView diff
1487218980View diff
3535992166Ascending AmplitudeView diff
1249436513View diff
2075449384Arc SynergyView diff
2067282362Arc SynergyView diff
3355370587View diff
498787607View diff
515259333View diff
1893633321View diff
2474504248View diff
97979434View diff
2455651742View diff
3881463168View diff
329945219Hymn of DesecrationView diff
1739975673Moon Cache DetectorView diff
765653459Improved Moon Cache DetectorView diff
3051194595Moon Combo DetectorView diff
493565978Moon Glimmer ScavengerView diff
2210434178Moon ScannerView diff
3276167136Moon Resource DetectorView diff
1432122667Moon Experience LogView diff
72139184Unstoppable Hand CannonView diff
402424849View diff
3743486649Overload RoundsView diff
740674429Overload BowView diff
1427016431Anti-Barrier RoundsView diff
3557591873Anti-Barrier Hand CannonView diff
1968099725View diff
1037166774Monte Carlo MethodView diff
57652913View diff
3068403538JudgmentView diff
1478638730View diff
1478638729View diff
1478638728View diff
3080453709Dark DeliveranceView diff
2678922819Looks Can KillView diff
3656570035View diff
3029531248Pyrotoxin RoundsView diff
3879088617Big-Game HunterView diff
3476469590PenanceView diff
1374528667Dark DescentView diff
1158647501Death at First GlanceView diff
832220452More to GiveView diff
831739221Leviathan's SighView diff
594031763Focused FireView diff
921783907View diff
3345419486Markov ChainView diff
3345419485View diff
2070252610RampageView diff
3505951177Rapid-Fire FrameView diff
2249066079Blackheart GrowthView diff
2249066078Shattered ShriekerView diff
2249066077Harpy's CryView diff
2249066076Blind ClutchView diff
2711047195Murder of CrowsView diff
2711047194Looming MoonView diff
555491412Blackheart GrowthView diff
1821933657View diff
3758528960Arc EmpowermentView diff
1296131599Solar EmpowermentView diff
4053232304Void EmpowermentView diff
3975061095Stasis EmpowermentView diff
3449067579Fragment MagnetView diff
1657616861FlareView diff
897751423View diff
3497943705Candy CollectorView diff
115546226Gold RushView diff
2072746990View diff
4075239770View diff
2948778191Enhanced CheerView diff
2103112570Enhanced CheerView diff
3939377160Boon of FriendshipView diff
4004687109View diff
3795639906View diff
1463772586View diff
94464513Silver Contender's BoonView diff
1107945579View diff
2323959622Gold Contender's BoonView diff
625370460View diff
1181877335View diff
1011377313Shared WisdomView diff
3214987374Double XP: Season PassView diff
769031099Double XP: ArtifactView diff
3137962166Anti-Barrier Pulse RifleView diff
3137962165Piercing SidearmsView diff
3137962164Overload BowView diff
3467408111View diff
3137962163Unstoppable Scout RifleView diff
3137962162Overloaded Auto/SMGView diff
1503974229View diff
301549635Authorized Mods: SolarView diff
301549632Authorized Mods: StrandView diff
301549633Authorized Mods: VoidView diff
301549638Authorized Mods: GrenadesView diff
301549639Multi-Siphon ModsView diff
3743286084Shatter OrbsView diff
3743286087Defiant ArmoryView diff
3743286086UntanglerView diff
3743286081Solar SurgeView diff
3743286080Volatile FlowView diff
3013157001Bricks from BeyondView diff
3013157002Flare UpView diff
83143533View diff
3013157003Origin HonesView diff
3013157004Allied UnravelingView diff
3013157005CounterweaveView diff
3824205130Threaded BlastView diff
3048752941View diff
3824205129Rain of FireboltsView diff
3824205128Void Weapon ChannelingView diff
2300250173Medieval ChampionView diff
1849025969View diff
3409522470Medieval ChampionView diff
3086684394View diff
3824205134Prismatic TransferView diff
2726708666Broken BladeView diff
3779036825Broken BladeView diff
2756333602Broken BladeView diff
3255691015Broken BladeView diff
3056678280Bait CountView diff
2711735579Anti-Barrier Auto RifleView diff
2711735576Unstoppable Hand CannonView diff
2711735577Overload Scout RifleView diff
3787074898View diff
2711735582Overload Trace RiflesView diff
1668151225View diff
2711735583Unstoppable GlaiveView diff
3335524232View diff
189755662Authorized Mods: ArcView diff
189755661Authorized Mods: VoidView diff
189755660Authorized Mods: StrandView diff
189755659Authorized Mods: MeleeView diff
189755658Multi-Siphon ModsView diff
2482799789Improved UnravelingView diff
2482799790Deeper OriginsView diff
2482799791Unto the BreachView diff
2482799784Amped UpView diff
2482799785Thunderous RetortView diff
1602976880Strand SoldierView diff
1602976883Origin HonesView diff
1602976882Protective BreachView diff
1602976885Counter ChargeView diff
1602976884Amplified ShieldingView diff
4187005647Conductive Cosmic NeedleView diff
4187005644Shock and AweView diff
4187005645SupernovaView diff
4187005642Squad GoalsView diff
4187005643Lightning Strikes TwiceView diff
2557165014Forgotten TreasuresView diff
4034340327Deep Sea LocksmithView diff
371087806Close the GapView diff
2612240126View diff
2612240125View diff
3310598550Saint's FistsView diff
2795935068RevolutionView diff
1194895280View diff
1194895283View diff
1194895282View diff
2797669325BreakthroughView diff
300001355Dynamic ChargeView diff
3169623973PyrogenesisView diff
1130093452OsmosisView diff
4117086018OsmosisView diff
2502493655Clown CartridgeView diff
2395701319Clown CartridgeView diff
1537859493Lead from GoldView diff
4283092849Lead from GoldView diff
319132642Elemental CapacitorView diff
251493092Elemental CapacitorView diff
3432136045ReversalView diff
581849924Fang and ClawView diff
1669875674View diff
152737591Electric StyxView diff
3230389420Unstoppable ShotView diff
1441862426Anti-Barrier RangerView diff
4235595813Unstoppable BurstView diff
3170267398Unstoppable ArrowsView diff
1184264122Wave FrameView diff
4141334918Precision FrameView diff
1684127833Concentrated MattergemView diff
3832937342View diff
2232580463Defiant VexsplosionView diff
968746122Snowy EntranceView diff
968746123Sweet EntranceView diff
1355900514Cabal Shield BreakerView diff
1355900515Box of TricksView diff
1355900512Vex Gate ArrivalView diff
1355900513Up in SmokeView diff
641688726Parting GiftView diff
2461310886Spheromatik TriggerView diff
3732285974View diff
3732285973View diff
1726331049Embers of LightView diff
1325927714View diff
3637562482View diff
1656047887Taking ChargeView diff
1656047886Shield Break ChargeView diff
1656047885Empowered FinishView diff
1656047884High-Energy FireView diff
2479479644View diff
2155608217Quick ChargeView diff
3020992214Ever ReadyView diff
2155608216Striking LightView diff
564459031UncatchableView diff
2155608219Heavy HandedView diff
132905028Lock and LoadView diff
2155608218Powerful FriendsView diff
1529763341Increased MobilityView diff
629293728Heal ThyselfView diff
629293729FirepowerView diff
1969850079View diff
1969850076View diff
1969850077View diff
1969850074View diff
1969850075View diff
629293730Blast RadiusView diff
629293731Charged UpView diff
86490727Protective LightView diff
86490726Extra ReservesView diff
86490725Precisely ChargedView diff
86490724Stacks on StacksView diff
3966225495View diff
4085512713View diff
3725596862Stat PenaltyView diff
1516012123Stat PenaltyView diff
2951037852Stat PenaltyView diff
4087014105Stat PenaltyView diff
4000942408Dire ArtilleryView diff
2154236702Blast OffView diff
1056620086Bleeding EdgeView diff
573843475Storm of LeadView diff
1443164461Light ConductorView diff
3026062000Guardian AngelView diff
4203075929Void BatteryView diff
3119861887View diff
2019588542Solar PlexusView diff
1230346165View diff
2736160696Primary Ammo FinderView diff
1365739591Special Ammo FinderView diff
3989475375Heavy Ammo FinderView diff
1484402314Linear Fusion Rifle TargetingView diff
2723047178Primary Ammo ScavengerView diff
2541788569Special Ammo ScavengerView diff
3691701129Heavy Ammo ScavengerView diff
3024385261Enhanced Rifle LoaderView diff
2252278175Enhanced Sniper Rifle LoaderView diff
2266605455Enhanced Unflinching Rifle AimView diff
3017190522Breach ResonatorView diff
1843813526Molten OverloadView diff
3882191910View diff
579336404Schwarzschild CondenserView diff
3113172668TenderizerView diff
662870814Concussive DampenerView diff
486268170Solidus StrikeView diff
279564069Splintered GladiusView diff
306308908Tithe Collector's SigilView diff
2974900339Knight ErrantView diff
628076592WisdomView diff
713209933ConfidenceView diff
989028955MercyView diff
2493747060MercyView diff
1349727737MercyView diff
1551708877WealthView diff
1909797390FerocityView diff
3553746130Big Red EntranceView diff
3926939165Warsat ArrivalView diff
3926939164Cabal EntranceView diff
3926939166SIVA EmergenceView diff
719784236Cherry Blossom EntranceView diff
719784237Cyber Class EntranceView diff
3376955979Improved Crucible ScannerView diff
1985997708GlimmershardView diff
2169611095Heavy Slug ThrowerView diff
3832484306Ignition TriggerView diff
582005514View diff
1407914061ThundererView diff
3683042557Resonant VirtueView diff
1099343285View diff
1208368075Heat SinkView diff
2877241935Heat of the MomentView diff
968095892BroadsideView diff
1966523098And Its Name Was DeathView diff
2916123542Armor of the ColossusView diff
2685486892Shot PackageView diff
1162525369CelerityView diff
948391157CelerityView diff
3433449966Flash CounterView diff
403946224Flash CounterView diff
4073730730View diff
2760763941Anti-Barrier SMGView diff
2507600163Anti-Barrier SidearmView diff
1239642549Overload RoundsView diff
2942182123Disrupting BladeView diff
271125664Enhanced Small Arms LoaderView diff
55292403Enhanced Auto Rifle LoaderView diff
2494363675Enhanced Bow LoaderView diff
933115958Enhanced Fusion Rifle LoaderView diff
2583053659Enhanced Machine Gun LoaderView diff
451924158Enhanced Linear Fusion Rifle LoaderView diff
2458255919Enhanced Pulse Rifle LoaderView diff
3125430854Enhanced Scout Rifle LoaderView diff
358354878Enhanced Sidearm Loader