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43825996Fury ConductorsView diff
43825997Horns of DoomView diff
43825998Biotic EnhancementsView diff
29391997Heavy Hunter ArmorView diff
56214340Nessus Scout ReportsView diff
90179018View diff
82252053Backup PlanView diff
43713866Snapshot SightsView diff
18293965Explosive PayloadView diff
77836843DragonflyView diff
28230549Mechanized AutoloaderView diff
15807694View diff
57483298ChimeraView diff
41990433Crucible PinkView diff
101636472View diff
24429794View diff
73069235Unplanned ReprieveView diff
88312711Green BeamView diff
86435221View diff
23432318View diff
4602482View diff
65145677Arc Aligned—Rank 1View diff
65145678Arc Aligned—Rank 2View diff
65145679Arc Aligned—Rank 3View diff
65145672Arc Aligned—Rank 4View diff
65145673Arc Aligned—Rank 5View diff
35667604View diff
35475790Deprecated PerkView diff
6243759Deprecated PerkView diff
28098863Deprecated PerkView diff
70860098Deprecated PerkView diff
66516646Corrupt EtherView diff
66516647Reef AwokenView diff
66516644Reef ShimmerView diff
66516645Reef OracleView diff
54696439View diff
54696438View diff
77578076View diff
20057580Void Damage ResistanceView diff
48909381Major ResistView diff
98855809View diff
64336105Sidearm Ammo FinderView diff
73693178Bow TargetingView diff
13526844FastballView diff
47235935Rocket Launcher LoaderView diff
15407015Submachine Gun LoaderView diff
38980907Light ReactorView diff
97979434View diff
72139184Unstoppable Hand CannonView diff
57652913View diff
94464513Silver Contender's BoonView diff
83143533View diff
86490727Protective LightView diff
86490726Extra ReservesView diff
86490725Precisely ChargedView diff
86490724Stacks on StacksView diff
55292403Enhanced Auto Rifle LoaderView diff
64469671Enhanced Unflinching Auto Rifle AimView diff
55454706Enhanced Pulse Rifle DexterityView diff
43648511Mobius ConduitView diff
20945356View diff
20945357View diff
20945358View diff
98825265BrayTech SignalView diff
88535832The Game is Afoot!View diff
74745228Shatter ShotView diff
86047139Aggressive FrameView diff
54117434Adept ReloadView diff
96328673Minor Mobility ModView diff
48746833Iron GripView diff
64053741Swift ChargeView diff
65849049Heating UpView diff
52715601Scout Rifle HolsterView diff
24454255View diff
40708790Perpetual MotionView diff
55688765PsychohackView diff
93883218Steady HandsView diff
27321061Solar Damage ResistanceView diff
24885090View diff
82069677Echo of PersistenceView diff
61640702View diff
92233051Spark of BeaconsView diff
2566539Hot SwapView diff
57991602Thar Be Treasure!View diff
86071821View diff
3768456View diff
104297121Aggressive GlaiveView diff
31633099View diff
39233969Paracausal PelletsView diff
6630582Solar Weapon SurgeView diff
66039669Font of EnduranceView diff
15068120Unflinching Solar AimView diff
38949491View diff
45014399Deprecated PerkView diff
8722200Recovery-ForgedView diff
58417154Spark of DisciplineView diff
50512860Small OfferingsView diff
45361219All-Seeing EyeView diff
89553216Stat PenaltyView diff
86466353Stat IncreaseView diff

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