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Collect paracausal Feathers of Light over multiple weeks in the "Harbinger" activity.

Feathers of Light collected
Quest Step


Radiant Accipiter

A paracausal ship. That's a new one. No navigation system, no controls, no computer on account of it responding directly to your thoughts. Not much to tinker with under the hood. Mostly because… there ain't no hood, neither.—Amanda Holliday

ShipSource: "Let Loose Thy Talons" Exotic quest.Screenshot of "Radiant Accipiter"



HashIconNameProperties changedLink
1695429263Icon of "Frostveil Grasps"Frostveil Grasps1View diff
1987263977Icon of "Frostveil Vest"Frostveil Vest1View diff
3301429924Icon of "Frostveil Cloak"Frostveil Cloak1View diff
2891490654Icon of "Frostveil Mask"Frostveil Mask1View diff
2311506225Icon of "Frostveil Boots"Frostveil Boots1View diff
1792195381Icon of "Froststrike Gauntlets"Froststrike Gauntlets1View diff
1280755883Icon of "Froststrike Plate"Froststrike Plate1View diff
3932439362Icon of "Froststrike Mark"Froststrike Mark1View diff
437421244Icon of "Froststrike Helm"Froststrike Helm1View diff
3368317463Icon of "Froststrike Greaves"Froststrike Greaves1View diff
1767312242Icon of "Frostreach Gloves"Frostreach Gloves1View diff
2702372534Icon of "Frostreach Robes"Frostreach Robes1View diff
2073576287Icon of "Frostreach Bond"Frostreach Bond1View diff
671247011Icon of "Frostreach Hood"Frostreach Hood1View diff
2168550540Icon of "Frostreach Boots"Frostreach Boots1View diff
2717158440Icon of "Winterhart Grips"Winterhart Grips1View diff
3850655136Icon of "Winterhart Vest"Winterhart Vest1View diff
2777913565Icon of "Winterhart Cloak"Winterhart Cloak1View diff
2777913564Icon of "Warm Winter Cloak"Warm Winter Cloak1View diff
4059030097Icon of "Winterhart Mask"Winterhart Mask1View diff
3352566658Icon of "Winterhart Strides"Winterhart Strides1View diff
3236510875Icon of "Solstice Grasps (Resplendent)"Solstice Grasps (Resplendent)1View diff
1450633717Icon of "Solstice Vest (Resplendent)"Solstice Vest (Resplendent)1View diff
531005896Icon of "Solstice Cloak (Resplendent)"Solstice Cloak (Resplendent)1View diff
2770157746Icon of "Solstice Mask (Resplendent)"Solstice Mask (Resplendent)1View diff
2111111693Icon of "Solstice Strides (Resplendent)"Solstice Strides (Resplendent)1View diff
1775707016Icon of "Solstice Grasps (Majestic)"Solstice Grasps (Majestic)1View diff
2805101184Icon of "Solstice Vest (Majestic)"Solstice Vest (Majestic)1View diff
2156817213Icon of "Solstice Cloak (Majestic)"Solstice Cloak (Majestic)1View diff
3159052337Icon of "Solstice Mask (Majestic)"Solstice Mask (Majestic)1View diff
2877046370Icon of "Solstice Strides (Majestic)"Solstice Strides (Majestic)1View diff
1290784012Icon of "Winterhart Gauntlets"Winterhart Gauntlets1View diff
921357268Icon of "Winterhart Plate"Winterhart Plate1View diff
1706764073Icon of "Winterhart Mark"Winterhart Mark1View diff
1706764072Icon of "Quilted Winter Mark"Quilted Winter Mark1View diff
2828252061Icon of "Winterhart Helm"Winterhart Helm1View diff
1936516278Icon of "Winterhart Greaves"Winterhart Greaves1View diff
3929403535Icon of "Solstice Gauntlets (Resplendent)"Solstice Gauntlets (Resplendent)1View diff
335763433Icon of "Solstice Plate (Resplendent)"Solstice Plate (Resplendent)1View diff
1649929380Icon of "Solstice Mark (Resplendent)"Solstice Mark (Resplendent)1View diff
830497630Icon of "Solstice Helm (Resplendent)"Solstice Helm (Resplendent)1View diff
250513201Icon of "Solstice Greaves (Resplendent)"Solstice Greaves (Resplendent)1View diff
2291082292Icon of "Solstice Gauntlets (Majestic)"Solstice Gauntlets (Majestic)1View diff
1288683596Icon of "Solstice Plate (Majestic)"Solstice Plate (Majestic)1View diff
3987442049Icon of "Solstice Mark (Majestic)"Solstice Mark (Majestic)1View diff
1510405477Icon of "Solstice Helm (Majestic)"Solstice Helm (Majestic)1View diff
2578820926Icon of "Solstice Greaves (Majestic)"Solstice Greaves (Majestic)1View diff
1956273477Icon of "Winterhart Gloves"Winterhart Gloves1View diff
3455566107Icon of "Winterhart Robes"Winterhart Robes1View diff
1812385586Icon of "Winterhart Bond"Winterhart Bond1View diff
1812385587Icon of "Festive Winter Bond"Festive Winter Bond1View diff
2760398988Icon of "Winterhart Cover"Winterhart Cover1View diff
2303499975Icon of "Winterhart Boots"Winterhart Boots1View diff
1540031264Icon of "Solstice Gloves (Resplendent)"Solstice Gloves (Resplendent)1View diff
2824302184Icon of "Solstice Robes (Resplendent)"Solstice Robes (Resplendent)1View diff
231432261Icon of "Solstice Bond (Resplendent)"Solstice Bond (Resplendent)1View diff
3748622249Icon of "Solstice Hood (Resplendent)"Solstice Hood (Resplendent)1View diff
234970842Icon of "Solstice Boots (Resplendent)"Solstice Boots (Resplendent)1View diff
2127474099Icon of "Solstice Gloves (Majestic)"Solstice Gloves (Majestic)1View diff
450844637Icon of "Solstice Robes (Majestic)"Solstice Robes (Majestic)1View diff
2337290000Icon of "Solstice Bond (Majestic)"Solstice Bond (Majestic)1View diff
2546370410Icon of "Solstice Hood (Majestic)"Solstice Hood (Majestic)1View diff
1862324869Icon of "Solstice Boots (Majestic)"Solstice Boots (Majestic)1View diff
2058055880Icon of "Solstice Grasps (Majestic)"Solstice Grasps (Majestic)1View diff
1437735332Icon of "Solstice Vest (Majestic)"Solstice Vest (Majestic)1View diff
859683485Icon of "Solstice Cloak (Majestic)"Solstice Cloak (Majestic)1View diff
817808889Icon of "Solstice Mask (Majestic)"Solstice Mask (Majestic)1View diff
467667358Icon of "Solstice Strides (Majestic)"Solstice Strides (Majestic)1View diff
1277281611Icon of "Solstice Grasps (Majestic)"Solstice Grasps (Majestic)1View diff
3287208327Icon of "Solstice Vest (Majestic)"Solstice Vest (Majestic)1View diff
478696310Icon of "Solstice Cloak (Majestic)"Solstice Cloak (Majestic)1View diff
728878482Icon of "Solstice Mask (Majestic)"Solstice Mask (Majestic)1View diff
935879349Icon of "Solstice Strides (Majestic)"Solstice Strides (Majestic)1View diff
1498848678Icon of "Solstice Grasps (Majestic)"Solstice Grasps (Majestic)1View diff
2005189570Icon of "Solstice Vest (Majestic)"Solstice Vest (Majestic)1View diff
3903976633Icon of "Solstice Cloak (Majestic)"Solstice Cloak (Majestic)1View diff
268592485Icon of "Solstice Mask (Majestic)"Solstice Mask (Majestic)1View diff
724152384Icon of "Solstice Strides (Majestic)"Solstice Strides (Majestic)1View diff
1085298906Icon of "Solstice Gauntlets (Majestic)"Solstice Gauntlets (Majestic)1View diff
3433854194Icon of "Solstice Plate (Majestic)"Solstice Plate (Majestic)1View diff
1253607903Icon of "Solstice Mark (Majestic)"Solstice Mark (Majestic)1View diff
3209634107Icon of "Solstice Helm (Majestic)"Solstice Helm (Majestic)1View diff
510027376Icon of "Solstice Greaves (Majestic)"Solstice Greaves (Majestic)1View diff
3971839985Icon of "Solstice Gauntlets (Majestic)"Solstice Gauntlets (Majestic)1View diff
1503505449Icon of "Solstice Plate (Majestic)"Solstice Plate (Majestic)1View diff
3421411300Icon of "Solstice Mark (Majestic)"Solstice Mark (Majestic)1View diff
4108914784Icon of "Solstice Helm (Majestic)"Solstice Helm (Majestic)1View diff
1474803667Icon of "Solstice Greaves (Majestic)"Solstice Greaves (Majestic)1View diff
3260983964Icon of "Solstice Gauntlets (Majestic)"Solstice Gauntlets (Majestic)1View diff
1167848164Icon of "Solstice Plate (Majestic)"Solstice Plate (Majestic)1View diff
1660362255Icon of "Solstice Mark (Majestic)"Solstice Mark (Majestic)1View diff
1405130395Icon of "Solstice Helm (Majestic)"Solstice Helm (Majestic)1View diff
1313059774Icon of "Solstice Greaves (Majestic)"Solstice Greaves (Majestic)1View diff
2358907143Icon of "Solstice Gloves (Majestic)"Solstice Gloves (Majestic)1View diff
2035692489Icon of "Solstice Robes (Majestic)"Solstice Robes (Majestic)1View diff
1889037296Icon of "Solstice Bond (Majestic)"Solstice Bond (Majestic)1View diff
1314609174Icon of "Solstice Hood (Majestic)"Solstice Hood (Majestic)1View diff
2900154861Icon of "Solstice Boots (Majestic)"Solstice Boots (Majestic)1View diff
3328129868Icon of "Solstice Gloves (Majestic)"Solstice Gloves (Majestic)1View diff
891621634Icon of "Solstice Robes (Majestic)"Solstice Robes (Majestic)1View diff

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