Weapon Perk

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481860150Icon of "Wish-Dragon Teeth"Wish-Dragon Teeth1View diff
481860151Icon of "Spring-Loaded Mounting"Spring-Loaded Mounting1View diff
593361146Icon of "Synapse Junctions"Synapse Junctions1View diff
593361147Icon of "Probability Matrix"Probability Matrix1View diff
593361144Icon of "Wraithmetal Mail"Wraithmetal Mail1View diff
2663272111Icon of "Upgraded Sensor Pack"Upgraded Sensor Pack1View diff
2663272110Icon of "Hawkeye Hack"Hawkeye Hack1View diff
2663272109Icon of "Relentless Tracker"Relentless Tracker1View diff
1694242448Icon of "Illegally Modded Holster"Illegally Modded Holster1View diff
1694242449Icon of "Uncanny Arrows"Uncanny Arrows1View diff
1694242450Icon of "Hydraulic Boosters"Hydraulic Boosters1View diff
1155472386Icon of "Fury Conductors"Fury Conductors1View diff
1155472387Icon of "Horns of Doom"Horns of Doom1View diff
1155472384Icon of "Biotic Enhancements"Biotic Enhancements1View diff
1667892710Icon of "Survival Well"Survival Well1View diff
1667892711Icon of "Auto-Loading Link"Auto-Loading Link1View diff
1667892708Icon of "Sunfire Furnace"Sunfire Furnace1View diff
3662465907Icon of "Transfusion Matrix"Transfusion Matrix1View diff
3662465906Icon of "Dreaded Visage"Dreaded Visage1View diff
3241194940Icon of "Jump Jets"Jump Jets1View diff
3241194941Icon of "Mecha Holster"Mecha Holster1View diff
3241194942Icon of "Linear Actuators"Linear Actuators1View diff
2731901711Icon of "Helium Spirals"Helium Spirals1View diff
2731901710Icon of "Vampire's Caress"Vampire's Caress1View diff
2731901709Icon of "Warlord's Sigil"Warlord's Sigil1View diff
926349161Icon of "Fusion Harness"Fusion Harness1View diff
926349160Icon of "Tome of Dawn"Tome of Dawn1View diff
3927963102Icon of "Actual Grandeur"Actual Grandeur1View diff
3927963103Icon of "Conduction Tines"Conduction Tines1View diff
3927963100Icon of "Cerebral Uplink"Cerebral Uplink1View diff
3927963101Icon of "Abyssal Extractors"Abyssal Extractors1View diff
3347978673Icon of "Strange Protractor"Strange Protractor1View diff
3347978672Icon of "Alchemical Etchings"Alchemical Etchings1View diff
861489047Icon of "Vermin"Vermin1View diff
1294026524Icon of "Adaptive Frame"Adaptive Frame1View diff
4172267910Icon of "Adaptive Frame"Adaptive Frame1View diff
31057037Icon of "Omolon Adaptive Frame"Omolon Adaptive Frame1View diff
3449390870Icon of "Adaptive Frame"Adaptive Frame1View diff
3468089894Icon of "Aggressive Frame"Aggressive Frame1View diff
2757685314Icon of "Aggressive Frame"Aggressive Frame1View diff
1326668122Icon of "Aggressive Frame"Aggressive Frame1View diff
836583820Icon of "Aggressive Frame"Aggressive Frame1View diff
2353477480Icon of "Rapid-Fire Frame"Rapid-Fire Frame1View diff
1019291327Icon of "High-Impact Frame"High-Impact Frame1View diff
1458010786Icon of "Lightweight Frame"Lightweight Frame1View diff
1713206376Icon of "Lightweight Frame"Lightweight Frame1View diff
474269988Icon of "Lightweight Frame"Lightweight Frame1View diff
1636108362Icon of "Precision Frame"Precision Frame1View diff
1236001742Icon of "Precision Frame"Precision Frame1View diff
2057203855Icon of "Precision Frame"Precision Frame1View diff
4130495068Icon of "Precision Frame"Precision Frame1View diff
1322370662Icon of "Precision Frame"Precision Frame1View diff
4083543255Icon of "Precision Frame"Precision Frame1View diff
216781713Icon of "Häkke Precision Frame"Häkke Precision Frame1View diff
895140517Icon of "Precision Frame"Precision Frame1View diff
918679156Icon of "Precision Frame"Precision Frame1View diff
878286503Icon of "Rapid-Fire Frame"Rapid-Fire Frame1View diff
3364911712Icon of "VEIST Rapid-Fire"VEIST Rapid-Fire1View diff
3920852688Icon of "Rapid-Fire Frame"Rapid-Fire Frame1View diff
996573084Icon of "Rapid-Fire Frame"Rapid-Fire Frame1View diff
806997698Icon of "SUROS Rapid-Fire"SUROS Rapid-Fire1View diff
1036269296Icon of "Cold Fusion"Cold Fusion1View diff
2741975068Icon of "Slug Rifle"Slug Rifle1View diff
2473404935Icon of "Mad Scientist"Mad Scientist1View diff
656200654Icon of "Conserve Momentum"Conserve Momentum1View diff
3081173348Icon of "The Fundamentals"The Fundamentals1View diff
3755070117Icon of "Payday"Payday1View diff
2977709078Icon of "Excavation"Excavation1View diff
425960662Icon of "Delayed Gratification"Delayed Gratification1View diff
3610814281Icon of "Volatile Light"Volatile Light1View diff
938999636Icon of "Personal Assistant"Personal Assistant1View diff
2307143135Icon of "Harsh Truths"Harsh Truths1View diff
377257911Icon of "MIDA Multi-Tool"MIDA Multi-Tool1View diff
507151084Icon of "Accomplice"Accomplice1View diff
2121086290Icon of "Rat Pack"Rat Pack1View diff
1210807262Icon of "Repulsor Force"Repulsor Force1View diff
3751354116Icon of "Shock Blast"Shock Blast1View diff
372430833Icon of "Shock Blast"Shock Blast1View diff
4045839491Icon of "Sunburn"Sunburn1View diff
2516532331Icon of "Arc Conductor"Arc Conductor1View diff
3905543891Icon of "Black Hole"Black Hole1View diff
3777829357Icon of "Aeon Energy"Aeon Energy1View diff
4024170927Icon of "Misdirection"Misdirection1View diff
1236444985Icon of "Aeon Energy"Aeon Energy1View diff
2355041704Icon of "Solar Rampart"Solar Rampart1View diff
536311848Icon of "Aeon Energy"Aeon Energy1View diff
1142806944Icon of "Planetary Torrent"Planetary Torrent1View diff
3907299874Icon of "New Tricks"New Tricks1View diff
2119325971Icon of "Vanishing Shadow"Vanishing Shadow1View diff
1331592343Icon of "Starless Night"Starless Night1View diff
824488952Icon of "Seriously, Watch Out"Seriously, Watch Out1View diff
1147638875Icon of "Cobra Totemic"Cobra Totemic1View diff
722862450Icon of "Dearly Departed"Dearly Departed1View diff
3470828242Icon of "Flame Refraction"Flame Refraction1View diff
2383960413Icon of "Cruel Remedy"Cruel Remedy1View diff
3970637031Icon of "Harbinger's Pulse"Harbinger's Pulse1View diff
2019952880Icon of "Serve the Colony"Serve the Colony1View diff
1030990989Icon of "Banned Weapon"Banned Weapon1View diff
3668782036Icon of "The Fate of All Fools"The Fate of All Fools1View diff
1927916065Icon of "Unplanned Reprieve"Unplanned Reprieve1View diff

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