757108940Icon of "Missive"MissiveVisit the Prismatic Recaster in the Annex of the Tower near the Drifter.
1090608374Icon of "The Exodus Begins"The Exodus BeginsSpeak with Zavala in the Tower.
1036965732Icon of "Mysterious Disturbance"Mysterious DisturbanceSpeak with the Drifter in the Tower.
1183056220Icon of "A Shadow Overhead"A Shadow OverheadInvestigate the strange disturbances coming from Io.
3319982305Icon of "Lavish Fashions"Lavish FashionsSpeak with Tess Everis in the Tower.
2311040624Icon of "The Trials of Osiris"The Trials of OsirisSpeak with Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar.
2945717621Icon of "The Holiday Begins"The Holiday BeginsThe Solstice of Heroes is a holiday in which Guardians reflect on past battles and celebrate their many efforts to defend humanity. Eva Levante has returned to help usher in the festivities. Speak to Eva Levante in the Tower.