Splicer Gear

An engram containing armor and weapons from Season of the Splicer.

Focused Umbral Engram



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4284305242Icon of "Young Ahamkara's Spine"Young Ahamkara's Spine2View diff
4284305243Icon of "Mechaneer's Tricksleeves"Mechaneer's Tricksleeves2View diff
419976110Icon of "Raiden Flux"Raiden Flux2View diff
419976111Icon of "Lucky Raspberry"Lucky Raspberry2View diff
419976108Icon of "The Dragon's Shadow"The Dragon's Shadow2View diff
1667080811Icon of "Knucklehead Radar"Knucklehead Radar2View diff
1667080810Icon of "Celestial Nighthawk"Celestial Nighthawk2View diff
1667080809Icon of "Foetracer"Foetracer2View diff
1245809812Icon of "Lucky Pants"Lucky Pants2View diff
1245809813Icon of "Orpheus Rig"Orpheus Rig2View diff
1245809814Icon of "St0mp-EE5"St0mp-EE52View diff
1035680664Icon of "ACD/0 Feedback Fence"ACD/0 Feedback Fence2View diff
1035680665Icon of "Doom Fang Pauldron"Doom Fang Pauldron2View diff
1035680666Icon of "Synthoceps"Synthoceps2View diff
458095280Icon of "Crest of Alpha Lupi"Crest of Alpha Lupi2View diff
458095281Icon of "Actium War Rig"Actium War Rig2View diff
458095282Icon of "Hallowfire Heart"Hallowfire Heart2View diff
197761153Icon of "An Insurmountable Skullfort"An Insurmountable Skullfort2View diff
197761152Icon of "Mask of the Quiet One"Mask of the Quiet One2View diff
3790373074Icon of "Lion Rampant"Lion Rampant2View diff
3790373075Icon of "Peacekeepers"Peacekeepers2View diff
3790373072Icon of "Dunemarchers"Dunemarchers2View diff
1862800747Icon of "Sunbracers"Sunbracers2View diff
1862800746Icon of "Karnstein Armlets"Karnstein Armlets2View diff
1862800745Icon of "Winter's Guile"Winter's Guile2View diff
2782999717Icon of "Starfire Protocol"Starfire Protocol2View diff
2782999716Icon of "Wings of Sacred Dawn"Wings of Sacred Dawn2View diff
2523259394Icon of "Skull of Dire Ahamkara"Skull of Dire Ahamkara2View diff
2523259395Icon of "Crown of Tempests"Crown of Tempests2View diff
2523259392Icon of "Eye of Another World"Eye of Another World2View diff
2523259393Icon of "Nezarec's Sin"Nezarec's Sin2View diff
2954558333Icon of "Transversive Steps"Transversive Steps2View diff
2954558332Icon of "Lunafaction Boots"Lunafaction Boots2View diff
1656912113Icon of "Aeon Swift"Aeon Swift2View diff
1488061763Icon of "Gemini Jester"Gemini Jester2View diff
1786557270Icon of "Shinobu's Vow"Shinobu's Vow2View diff
3926392527Icon of "Graviton Forfeit"Graviton Forfeit2View diff
1906855381Icon of "Aeon Safe"Aeon Safe2View diff
510504540Icon of "Khepri's Horn"Khepri's Horn2View diff
1362342075Icon of "Helm of Saint-14"Helm of Saint-142View diff
1902412292Icon of "Mk. 44 Stand Asides"Mk. 44 Stand Asides2View diff
2076339106Icon of "Aeon Soul"Aeon Soul2View diff
1799380614Icon of "Vesper of Radius"Vesper of Radius2View diff
68357813Icon of "Ophidian Aspect"Ophidian Aspect2View diff
3008550972Icon of "The Stag"The Stag2View diff
3392742912Icon of "Ophidia Spathe"Ophidia Spathe2View diff
2600992433Icon of "Wormhusk Crown"Wormhusk Crown2View diff
2166230715Icon of "Sealed Ahamkara Grasps"Sealed Ahamkara Grasps2View diff
574694189Icon of "Fr0st-EE5"Fr0st-EE52View diff
809007410Icon of "Ashen Wake"Ashen Wake2View diff
809007411Icon of "Wormgod Caress"Wormgod Caress2View diff
2829609851Icon of "Armamentarium"Armamentarium2View diff
1643575148Icon of "Eternal Warrior"Eternal Warrior2View diff
2422973183Icon of "Sanguine Alchemy"Sanguine Alchemy2View diff
2897117448Icon of "Verity's Brow"Verity's Brow2View diff
2970800254Icon of "Claws of Ahamkara"Claws of Ahamkara2View diff
3897389303Icon of "Apotheosis Veil"Apotheosis Veil2View diff
1098931325Icon of "Shards of Galanor"Shards of Galanor2View diff
1098931324Icon of "Oathkeeper"Oathkeeper2View diff
4070560771Icon of "The Sixth Coyote"The Sixth Coyote2View diff
4070560770Icon of "Gwisin Vest"Gwisin Vest2View diff
1484674161Icon of "Ursa Furiosa"Ursa Furiosa2View diff
1462291111Icon of "Heart of Inmost Light"Heart of Inmost Light2View diff
3918600864Icon of "One-Eyed Mask"One-Eyed Mask2View diff
1315823811Icon of "Antaeus Wards"Antaeus Wards2View diff
2389062558Icon of "Contraverse Hold"Contraverse Hold2View diff
3488362706Icon of "Chromatic Fire"Chromatic Fire2View diff
3488362707Icon of "Phoenix Protocol"Phoenix Protocol2View diff
2808445048Icon of "Geomag Stabilizers"Geomag Stabilizers2View diff
3295711091Icon of "Liar's Handshake"Liar's Handshake2View diff
576499615Icon of "Stronghold"Stronghold2View diff
3070357340Icon of "Getaway Artist"Getaway Artist2View diff
146629029Icon of "Khepri's Sting"Khepri's Sting2View diff
3257252969Icon of "Peregrine Greaves"Peregrine Greaves2View diff
866590993Icon of "Astrocyte Verse"Astrocyte Verse2View diff
2203146422Icon of "Assassin's Cowl"Assassin's Cowl2View diff
1734144409Icon of "Mechaneer's Tricksleeves"Mechaneer's Tricksleeves2View diff
2766109872Icon of "Raiden Flux"Raiden Flux2View diff
2766109874Icon of "The Dragon's Shadow"The Dragon's Shadow2View diff
896224899Icon of "Foetracer"Foetracer2View diff
193869522Icon of "Lucky Pants"Lucky Pants2View diff
193869523Icon of "Orpheus Rig"Orpheus Rig2View diff
193869520Icon of "St0mp-EE5"St0mp-EE52View diff
3942036043Icon of "Aeon Swift"Aeon Swift2View diff
1163283805Icon of "Gemini Jester"Gemini Jester2View diff
978537162Icon of "Ophidia Spathe"Ophidia Spathe2View diff
3562696927Icon of "Wormhusk Crown"Wormhusk Crown2View diff
691578979Icon of "Shards of Galanor"Shards of Galanor2View diff
691578978Icon of "Oathkeeper"Oathkeeper2View diff
1474735277Icon of "The Sixth Coyote"The Sixth Coyote2View diff
1474735276Icon of "Gwisin Vest"Gwisin Vest2View diff
4165919945Icon of "Liar's Handshake"Liar's Handshake2View diff
475652357Icon of "Young Ahamkara's Spine"Young Ahamkara's Spine2View diff
903984858Icon of "Lucky Raspberry"Lucky Raspberry2View diff
1321354572Icon of "Knucklehead Radar"Knucklehead Radar2View diff
1321354573Icon of "Celestial Nighthawk"Celestial Nighthawk2View diff
1053737370Icon of "Shinobu's Vow"Shinobu's Vow2View diff
2773056939Icon of "Graviton Forfeit"Graviton Forfeit2View diff
1688602431Icon of "Sealed Ahamkara Grasps"Sealed Ahamkara Grasps2View diff
609852545Icon of "Fr0st-EE5"Fr0st-EE52View diff

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