Splicer Gear

An engram containing armor and weapons from Season of the Splicer.

Focused Umbral Engram




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30962015Boots of the Ace-DefiantView diff
30962014Boots of the Emperor's AgentView diff
66235782Anti-Extinction GraspsView diff
25798127Sovereign GripsView diff
11686456Dreamer's CloakView diff
11686457Unethical Experiments CloakView diff
11686458Orobas Vectura CloakView diff
423789Mythos Hack 4.1View diff
10307688Wildwood PlateView diff
89175653Noble Constant MarkView diff
24244626Mark of ShelterView diff
40512774Farseeker's CasqueView diff
34846448Xenos Vale IVView diff
91289429Atonement TauView diff
4425887The Time-Worn SpireView diff
48361212Controlling VisionView diff
48361213Eleventh HourView diff
68357813Ophidian AspectView diff
63024229Star of Dark NightsView diff
89965910Kaleidoscope ShellView diff
89965911In Fine Omnium ShellView diff
89965908Captaincy ShellView diff
89965909Precious Metals ShellView diff
89965906Viceroy ShellView diff
89965907Upward Climber ShellView diff
89965904Pintail ShellView diff
89965905Iris Map ShellView diff
89965918Orchid ShellView diff
89965919Yellowspear ShellView diff
32806262Cloak of Five Full MoonsView diff
25091086Tangled Web CloakView diff
65929376Gauntlets of the Great HuntView diff
42219189Tangled Web GauntletsView diff
44150041Dragonfly Regalia BootsView diff
67798808Atonement TauView diff
64236626Good Bone StructureView diff
89175933Forged Machinist GauntletsView diff
91359169Annealed Shaper BondView diff
82115767Bond of ReciprocityView diff
20025671Tango-45 XK5094View diff
93253474The Ringing NailView diff
66875353AvalancheView diff
53761356Vernal Growth MaskView diff
77525090Illicit Collector BootsView diff
77525091Outlawed Collector BootsView diff
77525088Notorious Collector BootsView diff
17280095Shadow's StridesView diff
85800627Ankaa Seeker IVView diff
79075821Drang (Baroque)View diff
61987238Kairos Function MaskView diff
75025442Boots of FeltrocView diff
91896851Equitis Shade BootsView diff
80067121Opulent Stalker VestView diff
24598504Red Moon Phantom VestView diff
79417130Simulator GripsView diff
24387532Refugee BootsView diff
30960615Wastelander VestView diff
56157064Exodus Down GauntletsView diff
11974904Greaves of AscendancyView diff
88873628Gauntlets of NohrView diff
16387641Mark of the Great HuntView diff
4450861Shadow's GreavesView diff
66047450Lost Pacific GlovesView diff
75550387Iron Truage LegsView diff
72827963Channeling RobesView diff
72827962Focusing RobesView diff
78664642Annealed Shaper GlovesView diff
36900384Opulent Scholar GlovesView diff
60076357Opulent Scholar BondView diff
73720713High-Minded ComplexView diff
26544805Cry DefianceView diff
88132800Raven ShardView diff
48643186Ancient GospelView diff
76764720Winterview ShellView diff
76764721Crystalline ShellView diff
76764722Confectionery ShellView diff
18990920Cloak of the ExileView diff
92135663Iron Remembrance VestView diff
87665893Binary Phoenix CloakView diff
63725907Iron Remembrance PlateView diff
9767416Ancient Apocalypse BondView diff
21320325Bond of RemembranceView diff
20158663Frumious StridesView diff
79460168Legacy's Oath GlovesView diff
23061005Iron Truage GreavesView diff
64566999Torobatl Celebration MaskView diff
42351395Subzero SalvoView diff
20935540Arctic HazeView diff
35794111Temptation's HookView diff
65611680The Fool's RemedyView diff
64543269Boots of the FulminatorView diff
64543268Boots of the Emperor's MinisterView diff
49280456Gloves of the Great HuntView diff
4968701Greaves of the Great HuntView diff
48951631Praefectus StridesView diff
48110686Pyrrhic Ascent MarkView diff
56010517Insight Unyielding GauntletsView diff
47772649THE SWARMView diff
30472172Lightkin MaskView diff
41792165Exodus Down BondView diff

Showing first 100 definitions. View all 5260.

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