442463428One Man's Trash…Find and search all piles of rubble inside the Cysts.
Sword Dance
Moth-Infested Cavern
Searing Light
Smothering Darkness
Aerial Ace
20 pts


2808952566Chapter 1 – A Step Leads. A Step Follows.
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2710437600III. Heart-Truth
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462200764One Man's Trash…


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2088597274Auto Rifle GambleView diff
2088597272Solar DeclinationView diff
1677475631Specialty ArsenalView diff
1232927289By the CodeView diff
2521794483Sniper Rifle ParallaxView diff
2521794480Big-Game HunterView diff
2847660700Rampage OnwardView diff
2661210080Heavyweight HitsView diff
1799223602Mote GambleView diff
1799223607Grenade GambleView diff
1799223606Kinetic CulminationView diff
2694129063Tactical MasteryView diff
2197980110Super GambleView diff
2197980111Solar GambleView diff
2197980107Void DeclinationView diff
462460008Combat DrillView diff
628525832Power UpView diff
1954815741Thrill of VictoryView diff
1925732597Don't Mind If You DoView diff
945526786Combat DrillView diff
2142668914Feedback LoopView diff
2142668913Single-handedlyView diff
2142668918Grenade GambleView diff
2142668919Gravity AssistView diff
429241081Volatile TopographyView diff
429241083Do ItView diff
3242514586Solar AscensionView diff
714481035Combat DrillView diff
600567745LightbearerView diff
600567750Kinetic CulminationView diff
2364680887Rampage OnwardView diff
1405874712Scorched SurfaceView diff
802576967Melee AscensionView diff
1317152111Void GambleView diff
2792454832Astral SuppressionView diff
1269919950Light MagnitudeView diff
1269919946All Right, All Right, All RightView diff
2202857568Lest It Stare BackView diff
1822865762Elite ExecutionerView diff
1834503235On the MarkView diff
1934724534Auto Rifle GambleView diff
1934724533Sword CulminationView diff
1934724530Kinetic CulminationView diff
1934724531Sidearm CulminationView diff
2498330485Volatile TopographyView diff
2498330487Plasma-BlindView diff
2620913805Sun CharredView diff
501803295Kill It with FireView diff
501803293Arc AscensionView diff
485548573Scorched SurfaceView diff
1575820282Super GambleView diff
2318500242Don't Mind If You DoView diff
694262771All Right, All Right, All RightView diff
2608655377Helium IgnitionView diff
3180019374Hand Cannon GambleView diff
3180019371Sidearm CulminationView diff
2755406541Melee GambleView diff
2851749911Scorched SurfaceView diff
2851749908Melee OrientationView diff
2117946324Sidearm StrikerView diff
1285344471The Inner StormView diff
2551445525Scorched SurfaceView diff
1275519273VanguardianView diff
1275519274Void DeclinationView diff
1275519276Auto Rifle CulminationView diff
1206318731Mote GambleView diff
1206318729Light MagnitudeView diff
2257267152Astral SuppressionView diff
1550128623Don't Mind If You DoView diff
1550128618Energy CulminationView diff
885200557Volatile TopographyView diff
679031291Arc GambleView diff
679031293Auto Rifle SlayerView diff
952088123Sniper Rifle ElevationView diff
952088122Sniper Rifle ParallaxView diff
1629745660Melee GambleView diff
1629745657Power UpView diff
2151913444Melee SlayerView diff
3180320897Power UpView diff
3180320896Void DeclinationView diff
3180320900InvadeView diff
2218283066Scorched EarthView diff
2218283067Plasma-BlindView diff
3237350652Light MagnitudeView diff
2286636282Light MagnitudeView diff
1135665801Taken StrikerView diff
1135665802Reversed MomentumView diff
2052635675Final PloyView diff
2789102613Sword ElevationView diff
2883124264Light MagnitudeView diff
3157733612Mote GambleView diff
3157733610Super GambleView diff
2082443835Spark the FlameView diff
2732992010Sidearm StrikerView diff
1671537618Coordinated FireView diff
2664010523Light MagnitudeView diff
16945808Light MagnitudeView diff
2773393357Light MagnitudeView diff
3217556881Solar GambleView diff
1928689688Melee SlayerView diff

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