445825536Grandmaster ModifiersContest Join In Progress Disabled Extra Champions Extra Shields
1111960127Shielded FoesYou will face combatants with [Arc] Arc, [Solar] Solar, [Void] Void, and Strand shields.
2585386105Shielded Foes[Arc] Arc, [Solar] Solar, [Void] Void, and Strand Shields


1060852100Enigma Protocol RulesVenture into the VexNet, disrupt the Vex from accessing and locking away a treasure trove of Golden Age data, and investigate strange clues left in the network. Enigma Protocol uses a low starting timer, requiring Guardians to move quickly and find ways t…
4134002479Forced Reboot TimerIf the timer reaches 0:00, the activity will restart.
3897480986Expert ModifiersOpponent Shields Disabled

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