Summoned by Mara Sov

Visit the Wayfinder's Compass in the H.E.L.M. to receive a briefing from Mara.

Quest Step


1605352950Solstice Key FragmentView diff
583723939Linear Fusion Rifle TargetingView diff
739655789Fusion ScavengerView diff
2492112473Change Energy TypeView diff
2492112474Upgrade ArmorView diff
2492112475Upgrade ArmorView diff
2492112476Upgrade ArmorView diff
2492112477Upgrade ArmorView diff
2492112478Upgrade ArmorView diff
2492112479Upgrade ArmorView diff
2492112464Upgrade ArmorView diff
2492112465Upgrade ArmorView diff
792151595Upgrade ArmorView diff
4003902350Change Energy TypeView diff
4003902349Upgrade ArmorView diff
4003902348Upgrade ArmorView diff
4003902347Upgrade ArmorView diff
4003902346Upgrade ArmorView diff
4003902345Upgrade ArmorView diff
4003902344Upgrade ArmorView diff
4003902343Upgrade ArmorView diff
4003902342Upgrade ArmorView diff
1047308474Upgrade ArmorView diff
77965905Change Energy TypeView diff
77965904Change Energy TypeView diff
77965911Change Energy TypeView diff
77965910Change Energy TypeView diff
77965909Change Energy TypeView diff
77965908Change Energy TypeView diff
77965915Change Energy TypeView diff
77965914Change Energy TypeView diff
2731220774Change Energy TypeView diff
859054120Upgrade ArmorView diff
859054121Upgrade ArmorView diff
859054126Upgrade ArmorView diff
859054127Upgrade ArmorView diff
859054124Upgrade ArmorView diff
859054125Upgrade ArmorView diff
859054114Upgrade ArmorView diff
859054115Upgrade ArmorView diff
3322848129Upgrade ArmorView diff
179977572Global ReachView diff
2216063962Wrath of RasputinView diff
2216063961Fireteam MedicView diff
2216063967Incinerating LightView diff
1702288800Radiant Dance MachinesView diff
3651424085Iron Forerunner GripsView diff
1615052875Iron Forerunner VestView diff
4266736482Iron Forerunner CloakView diff
2255073244Iron Forerunner MaskView diff
932578999Iron Forerunner StridesView diff
3267996858No Backup PlansView diff
3570243433Iron Forerunner GauntletsView diff
2344353519Iron Forerunner PlateView diff
3591512190Iron Forerunner MarkView diff
3106439832Iron Forerunner HelmView diff
3862185275Iron Forerunner GreavesView diff
300502917Nothing ManaclesView diff
164221422Iron Forerunner GlovesView diff
1821747970Iron Forerunner VestmentsView diff
1045743955Iron Forerunner BondView diff
2217519207Iron Forerunner HoodView diff
2247299560Iron Forerunner BootsView diff
47859594Grenade KickstartView diff
1371877916Melee KickstartView diff
3176563510Stasis ResistanceView diff
445559589Utility KickstartView diff
958741637Restorative FinisherView diff
3638321667Power PreservationView diff
1985887424Orbs of RestorationView diff
1977242753Supreme WellmakerView diff
1977242752Elemental ShardsView diff
1977242755Well of RestorationView diff
1977242754Elemental Time DilationView diff
2803630131Nemean ChariotView diff

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