We Stand Unbroken

Visit the War Table in the H.E.L.M. for a briefing with Amanda Holliday.

Amanda Holliday's briefing heard
Quest Step
We Stand Unbroken

Collect a Defiant Engram from a Defiant Chest after completing a Defiant Battlegrounds playlist activity.

Defiant Engram collected
Quest Step
We Stand Unbroken

Visit the holoprojector at the Farm for a debriefing with Devrim Kay.

Devrim Kay's debriefing heard
Quest Step
We Stand Unbroken

Rescue the captives in "Mission: Jailbreak."

"Mission: Jailbreak" completed
Quest Step
We Stand Unbroken

Report to the Farm.

Quest Step
We Stand Unbroken

Speak with Mara Sov.

Mara Sov visited
Quest Step
We Stand Unbroken

The Vanguard and its allies will still work to rescue more prisoners from the Shadow Legion. The Queensguard will be called when their assistance is needed again.

Quest Step
We Stand Unbroken

Visit the War Table in the H.E.L.M. for a briefing with Devrim Kay.

Devrim Kay's briefing heard
Quest Step
We Stand Unbroken

Defeat Shadow Legion combatants and complete 1 Defiant Battlegrounds playlist activity. Combatants in Defiant Battlegrounds award bonus progress.

Shadow Legion defeated
Defiant Battlegrounds playlist completed
Quest Step
We Stand Unbroken

Speak with Zavala at the Farm.

Quest Step
We Stand Unbroken

Speak with Mara Sov.

Mara Sov visited
Quest Step


4182064480Grenade KickstartView diff
1781551382Font of FocusView diff
1763780622Melee KickstartView diff
633101315Font of VigorView diff
1024379611Emergency ReinforcementView diff
686455429Font of EnduranceView diff
3160387771Utility KickstartView diff
1193713026Font of RestorationView diff
1170405455Restorative FinisherView diff
4004774872Special FinisherView diff
4004774873One-Two FinisherView diff
4004774874Bulwark FinisherView diff
4004774875Healthy FinisherView diff
4004774876Snapload FinisherView diff
4004774877Explosive FinisherView diff
1125986156Utility FinisherView diff
3064687909Benevolent FinisherView diff
84503918Empowered FinishView diff
1130820873Font of WisdomView diff
14520248Kinetic Weapon SurgeView diff
1834163303Arc Weapon SurgeView diff
2319885414Solar Weapon SurgeView diff
2921714558Stasis Weapon SurgeView diff
3112965625Strand Weapon SurgeView diff
3467460423Void Weapon SurgeView diff
4046357305Font of AgilityView diff
1924584408Grenade KickstartView diff
1255614814Font of FocusView diff
1139671158Melee KickstartView diff
2771425787Font of VigorView diff
422994787Emergency ReinforcementView diff
3075302157Font of EnduranceView diff
1044888195Utility KickstartView diff
1672155562Font of RestorationView diff
1208761894Empowered FinishView diff
3461249873Font of WisdomView diff
2318667184Kinetic Weapon SurgeView diff
2246316031Arc Weapon SurgeView diff
2283894334Solar Weapon SurgeView diff
2526922422Stasis Weapon SurgeView diff
1501094193Strand Weapon SurgeView diff
3914973263Void Weapon SurgeView diff
1901221009Font of AgilityView diff
2788909693Boss SpecView diff
1588595445Counterbalance StockView diff
984527513Major SpecView diff
4091000557Minor SpecView diff
371216963Radar TunerView diff
3228611386Targeting AdjusterView diff
941997506Icarus GripView diff
736000386Freehand GripView diff
3336648220Backup MagView diff
518387148Sprint GripView diff
1334978104Quick Access SlingView diff
3785661089Radar BoosterView diff
3564974257Full Auto RetrofitView diff

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