2954025521Icon of "Iron Core"Iron CoreSource: Complete Iron Banner matches and earn rank-up packages from Lord Saladin.


1791332816Icon of "Deep Explorer Mask"Deep Explorer MaskSource: Dungeon Duality
1687585787Icon of "Deep Explorer Grasps"Deep Explorer GraspsSource: Dungeon Duality
842208909Icon of "Deep Explorer Vest"Deep Explorer VestSource: Dungeon Duality
2264032449Icon of "Deep Explorer Strides"Deep Explorer StridesSource: Dungeon Duality
2413757250Icon of "Deep Explorer Cloak"Deep Explorer CloakSource: Dungeon Duality
448719732Icon of "Deep Explorer Helmet"Deep Explorer HelmetSource: Dungeon Duality
212134775Icon of "Deep Explorer Gauntlets"Deep Explorer GauntletsSource: Dungeon Duality
4064082729Icon of "Deep Explorer Plate"Deep Explorer PlateSource: Dungeon Duality
3316352557Icon of "Deep Explorer Greaves"Deep Explorer GreavesSource: Dungeon Duality
2492534614Icon of "Deep Explorer Mark"Deep Explorer MarkSource: Dungeon Duality
4173341055Icon of "Deep Explorer Hood"Deep Explorer HoodSource: Dungeon Duality
519515412Icon of "Deep Explorer Gloves"Deep Explorer GlovesSource: Dungeon Duality
2116225740Icon of "Deep Explorer Vestments"Deep Explorer VestmentsSource: Dungeon Duality
704376802Icon of "Deep Explorer Boots"Deep Explorer BootsSource: Dungeon Duality
3109313507Icon of "Deep Explorer Bond"Deep Explorer BondSource: Dungeon Duality
467760883Icon of "Heartshadow"HeartshadowSource: Dungeon Duality
2261415558Icon of "The Deepest Truth"The Deepest TruthSource: Dungeon Duality
2261415553Icon of "Untouched by Opulence"Untouched by OpulenceSource: Dungeon Duality
1047374873Icon of "Mandate of Strength"Mandate of StrengthSource: Dungeon Duality
2352965634Icon of "The Epicurean"The EpicureanSource: Dungeon Duality
524170623Icon of "Lingering Dread"Lingering DreadSource: Dungeon Duality
2833306532Icon of "New Purpose"New PurposeSource: Dungeon Duality
1121747838Icon of "Unforgiven"UnforgivenSource: Dungeon Duality
255508929Icon of "Stormchaser"StormchaserSource: Dungeon Duality
3204997118Icon of "Fixed Odds"Fixed OddsSource: Dungeon Duality


HashIconNameProperties changedLink
3785203370Icon of "Cloak of Bakris"Cloak of Bakris1View diff
216752581Icon of "Eidolon Pursuant Mark"Eidolon Pursuant Mark1View diff
901520622Icon of "Mark of the Falling Star"Mark of the Falling Star1View diff
1825709152Icon of "Bond of Battle Harmony"Bond of Battle Harmony1View diff