336913260Bounties: ScrapperBounties that can be found by dismantling items.
579365201Bounties: WeeklyBounties that expire within a week.
592749255Bounties: TrialsBounties for Trials of Osiris.
1493976446Bounties: Internet Gaming RoomsBounties that can be completed while playing in an Internet Gaming Room.
1514318935Bounties: EververseBounties that can be completed for Eververse rewards.
1895523255Bounties: Iron BannerBounties that can be completed only in the Iron Banner.
2588263708Bounties: GambitBounties that can only be completed by playing Gambit.
3148179843Bounties: Dreaming CityMissions that await you in the Dreaming City.
3441456675Bounties: DailyBounties that expire in a day.
4274404816Bounties: Moments of TriumphBounties related to Moments of Triumph.


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