3903070396Light KeepersView diff
1137204317Lesser Core Harvest (Crucible)View diff
1137204316Greater Core Harvest (Crucible)View diff
537685237Lesser Core Harvest (Gambit)View diff
537685236Greater Core Harvest (Gambit)View diff
2209107629Lesser Core Harvest (Vanguard)View diff
2209107628Greater Core Harvest (Vanguard)View diff
4162373251Modularity (Crucible)View diff
1251927947Modularity (Gambit)View diff
3989883859Modularity (Vanguard)View diff
3855396197Materialism (Crucible)View diff
3665119669Materialism (Vanguard)View diff
1576148509Materialism (Gambit)View diff
2630955836Prosperity (Crucible)View diff
36879820Prosperity (Vanguard)View diff
3976349716Prosperity (Gambit)View diff
1820053069Flickering LightView diff
1820053068Little LightView diff
1820053071Hopeful LightView diff
1820053070Burning LightView diff
1820053065Guiding LightView diff
1820053064Blinding LightView diff
275904581Meager Glimmer BoosterView diff
275904580Standard Glimmer BoosterView diff
275904583Considerable Glimmer BoosterView diff
275904582Prodigious Glimmer BoosterView diff
275904577Supercharged Glimmer BoosterView diff
275904576Ultimate Glimmer BoosterView diff
1515139595Bountiful HarvestView diff
3055419104Public DefenderView diff
1589874554Arc AnalyzerView diff
3581121455Solar AnalyzerView diff
193651840Void AnalyzerView diff
718367887Omni-TelemetryView diff
718367886Banshee SpecialView diff
1718784636Loot SeekerView diff
1718784637Prize PursuantView diff
1718784638Cache FinderView diff
1718784639Treasure HunterView diff
1718784632Expert TrackerView diff
782611302Destabilized Resource DetectorView diff
782611303Makeshift Resource DetectorView diff
782611300Stable Resource DetectorView diff
782611301Enhanced Resource DetectorView diff
782611298Perfected Resource DetectorView diff
3520505384Combo DetectorView diff
3520505385Wombo DetectorView diff
24886323Upgrade GhostView diff
24886320Upgrade GhostView diff
24886321Upgrade GhostView diff
24886326Upgrade GhostView diff
24886327Upgrade GhostView diff
24886324Upgrade GhostView diff
24886325Upgrade GhostView diff
24886330Upgrade GhostView diff
24886331Upgrade GhostView diff
2294891641Upgrade GhostView diff
3028364115Shadowkeep ExoticsView diff
2189829540Adaptive FrameView diff
2429822976RoseView diff
2934767477Winter's ShroudView diff
2934767476ShatterdiveView diff
2031919265CryoclasmView diff
2031919264Tectonic HarvestView diff
668903196Iceflare BoltsView diff
668903197FrostpulseView diff
3469412970Whisper of HedronsView diff
3469412971Whisper of FissuresView diff
3469412968Whisper of RefractionView diff
3469412969Whisper of DuranceView diff
3469412974Whisper of BondsView diff
3469412975Whisper of ShardsView diff

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