2679459765Icon of "The Call of Competition"The Call of CompetitionSpeak with Eva Levante in the Tower Courtyard.
907826408Icon of "Backstretch Ceremony"Backstretch Ceremony
907826411Icon of "Homestretch Ceremony"Homestretch Ceremony
3044632693Icon of "Daily Focus"Daily Focus
1960571846Icon of "Daily Focus"Daily Focus
2092845811Icon of "Daily Focus"Daily Focus
2441610527Icon of "Daily Focus"Daily Focus
4107158154Icon of "Guardian Games"Guardian GamesSpeak with Zavala about the Closing Ceremony.
3581618338Icon of "Master Class"Master ClassRedeem Guardian Games Medallions for powerful rewards. Platinum Medallions = 15 points Gold Medallions = 5 points Silver Medallions = 2 points Bronze Medallions = 1 point
1335536775Icon of "Guardian Games Pinnacle Challenge"Guardian Games Pinnacle ChallengeEarn points in Guardian Games playlists.


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